Tweeting a homegirl of mineI came across this chick known as Jelz Much. I later listened to her song “Word Aroun Town” and couldn’t help but want to know what the deal was. I mean… it’s not often I get to hear some direct diss shit that’s actually pretty decent. Why Jelz Much can’t stand Kreayshawn doe???! Check the interview after the jump.

Name April

Hometown I’m a nomad

Age 21


Most Known For
"Word Aroun Town" music video

Unknown For
Making beats.

Favorite female rappers
Trina, Missy Elliot, Diamond, Nicki Minaj

Coined basednology
"Ask for praises instead of presents." - Lil B

So what’s up with “Word Aroun Town” produced by Brandun DeShay? How did this Kreayshawn diss come about?
DeShay sent me the beat and I liked it immediately. The beat was just awesome and the Lil B sample made me love it even more. The Kreayshawn diss had been a long time coming since I had been following her for awhile. So everything just fit into place at the time.

At the end of all the disliking somehow someway you both are helping each other out….right?!
Yeah haha. That’s the funny thing. I’m sure Kreayshawn got even more fans and I definitely got a little buzz, so it worked. I’m glad that something negative can easily be turned into a positive and create buzz. At the same time, I still think Kreayshawn is wack and fake.

How do you set yourself apart from so many of the rising internet crazes?

Being a woman automatically sets me apart in the hip hop sphere, which definitely has it’s cons. At the end of the day though, I’m just doing me. The videos on my channel are just me having fun - like I’ll sit in my room and blast my music and sing songs. I’m sure a lot of people do that haha, but I just choose to share it with the world.

Besides the Jelz Much channel, are there any other projects you work on?

I’m working on a mixtape, hoping to drop it at the end of the month. I’ve been releasing out a few songs here and there, which have gotten mixed reviews. I have a super small fan base that’s mainly male so I almost feel forced to appeal to them. But I haven’t. I mean, I just released a song called “P-Power” where I say “Don’t suck that dick” over and over again.

What internet trends would you like to see disappear?

People need to stop using hashtags on facebook.

What fashion trends would you like to see disappear?

Uggs. They’re hideous.

How do you deal with some of the negativity that comes from others?
Negativity is my juice, it keeps me running. The more you hate on me, the more I create.

Who, besides a family member, do you find inspirational and why?
I’ve always respected Julia Child. She always kept it real and was herself, things I try to do.

Any advice to aspiring artists?

Do you. Cliche but true.