wavy spice is a sweetheart, i’m so happy to see her featured with v files. and on a throwback thursday note, click here to read my interview with the bad gyal working to be good.

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Meet Wavy Spice, the banjee beauty with a posh spirit who’s not technically aquatic, but magical like a mermaid. I hit her up via Twitter to see if she could answer a few of my questions after being introduced to her tune “B**** I’m Posh” which was featured on VICE Noisey,and she said yes! See what Wavy Spice had to say about standing out from other weird b******, her favorite spots in NYC, what it means to be posh, and what she wants to be remembered for in the future after the jump. 

Name Wavy Spice

Website @mermaid_biitch or themermaidgirl.tumblr.com

Most Known For Being a beautiful person

Unknown For Being an activist..but I guess you know now huh’ 

Currently on your playlist  
Let’s see… Samanta Mumba, Fiona Apple, Ashanti, Courage My Love, Foxy Brown, Bodega Bamz, The Underachievers. 

Weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you
I suffered temporary paralysis mixing Brugal and Barcardi…that was pretty weird. 

Favorite place(s) to hangout 
I’d say Central Park, Fire Island, the beach. Any place really that allows me to be outside and play in the sun. The sprinklers, the pool, etc…

Least favorite trend(s) 
Bronx boys and their American flags.

Posh For Dummies (Posh Lifestyle 101)
A posh woman isn’t showish or snobby. She isn’t necessarily rich or privileged. A posh woman is refined in her eloquence. She is cultured and well rounded. She commands the room with her demeanor and manner. She is divine. 

How did you get the name Wavy Spice?
My friend Stevie called me Wavy Spice one day and I been using it ever since. 

What inspires you as a multi-media artist and how to you stand out from other weird b******?
My biggest inspiration as a multi-media artist has been my life experiences and where I come from. I suppose I’ve always had this particular visual aestehtic that I’ve always conveyed in my work, thus making it what it is today as far as my writing, photography,  and music have gone. As for standing out from other weird bitches..I don’t know what to say. I can’t say I stand out if were all equally weird. Weird is weird. All I know is I been weird all my life and have the pictures, journals and embarrassing memories to prove it…

I really like the video for “B**** I’m Posh”, and I read on your timeline your next video is going to be in a nail salon? What’s your fascination with nail culture if you have any at all?
The nail salon is the banjee hood girl staple. It’s the epicenter of everything scandalous. My fascination with nail salons comes from the visual and auditory aesthetic of the salon more so than the actual nails itself. Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. 

Do you get your nailsdid or have any favorite nail artist(s)?
I get my nails done from time to time when I’m feeling myself and wanna be a diva.

What would you say has been your biggest challenge as a newcomer and what are you doing to overcome it?
I’m pretty sure I get black balled by people who don’t like me, but it doesnt bother me because it isn’t even working. Did you see my write up in VICE? Bitch I’m posh. 

What does Wavy Spice do IRL?!
Destiny does whatever the fuck she wants and keeps it real cute.

Any upcoming shows?
Yes please check my Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Since you are a mermaid, do you go to mermaid balls or shop for seashells? Have a sexy fisherman who’s captured you?!
Well I been into mermaids pretty much all my life. It’s something special I shared with my mother before she passed away. I got my first mermaid tattoo at 17, my blog handle has been themermaidgirl for years, and yes I am an avid sea shell collector. I’m also a child of Yemaya, the Yoruban orisha who is the mother of the sea. 

Where are all these mermaids coming from anyway?
Azealia Banks made mermaid culture very popular this year with the concepts she was using for her last mixtape. It’s pretty genius if you ask me, and she kindly invited me to the ‘Mermaid Ball’ because she knows I’m really into them.

How do you make the most out of  living in NYC and how would you describe its scene(s)?
I’ve made the most out of living in New York by pursuing every idea and ambition I’ve ever thought of. I’ve taking the opportunities that were given to me to really make a career for myself. I figured since I am an artist of many forms, I’d have a lot of leeway at my disposal. I knew at 17 the kind of life I wanted and the vocational route that I wanted to pursue, so everything came natural from there. I have worked very hard for it. I could have been a normal teenager doing normal teenage things but I wasn’t.. I was making a life for myself. 

What do you want to be remembered for this year and in the future?
I would like to be remembered as a respected musician and all around artist (since I’ll dabble in different mediums of work), who wanted to break boundaries and cliches in my generations time of art and music. And in the future I hope I can be remembered for being a good person. I don’t think that’s so bad. 

(Source: youtube.com)