i apologize for not being on top of my blogging duties as i normally do. in the last three weeks i have been finding myself in chicago and LA. meeting new faces, making connections, and getting refreshed. prior to flying out to california i went to pitchfork music fest. minus being rained on with no umbrella, jacket, or tent for cover, i had a good time. i saw some friends and even mushed a b**** in her face. she was an obnoxious femme for Grimes and completely out of order. blame it on the vices? blame it on the boogie?! anywho…after the show i really wanted to catch up with a friend of mine but as usual he changed plans.

i met up with astrowifey, her boo and a group of friends at bottom lounge to attend the tumblr x pitchfork afterparty which started off weird. there was this man at the door who was checking off a list of rsvp and said we weren’t on the stupid piece of paper. as a tumblr user for four years now i really begged to differ. so instead of causing a scene we kept it cool and waited downstairs at the bar until he had left. sure enough the doorman was gone and the doors were properly opened to the public. i mean come on….was is it that exclusive? i doubt it. and who denies girls? danny brown allowed me to squeeze his head. i see him as this tootsie roll or man version of a bratz doll with this head i get an urge to smush! but he wasn’t really interested in me. he was more entertained by my homegirl helen who he kept his arm around toward the end of his shared set. it was mostly like skywlkr playing whatever he felt and danny brown talking into a mic. a few days ago i watched american pimp again with the love of my life and i was wondering if danny brown got his name from that documentary.

on a monday night in chicago i recommend rodan! i came into this lounge having no other options for last minute food and it honestly was a pleasant surprise. delightful to be exact! they have this korean fusion going on and the first night i went in, a mad decent mix was playing. to add to the chic as wicker park can be ambiance, champagne lychee is only $3! and just a heads up, all the cocktails are fancy and affordable plus they serve kimchi fried rice and other stuff up until midnight. the morning i came in from LA i actually went back after seeing batman rises. it was a nice lil date with the one person i am crazy about…i even tried to get scandalous in the lounge! sshhhh!

LA LA land is amazing. it’s just a beautiful place to be. and it feels so lucky. like everything is aligned. all is connected and everything has purpose. no one warned me about the wandering cats. i’m afraid of cats! but other than that, there wasn’t much to fear. instead of hearing cta carts roll by it’s the LA helicopters which makes sleeping feel a little less safe at first. however, nothing popped off so i was like okay i can shut my eyes, and quickly adjusted. i’m a lil tired of spanish cuisine though. that’s like the only option there. and never will i ever again pay $16.80 for a turkey sandwich and smoothie! they say organic, i say overpriced. it was a lovely lunch though spent with adam of Tight Artists. i also got a chance to check out a party with the cool kids of LA. turns out the man with the long hair who kept checking if i was okay was lil b’s manager. sebastian. very nice dude. his conversation consists of being based and positivity, so he was lowkey convincing me to tune in. i thought he was just this dude who liked madeline’s nails as much as i do. madeline poole was my host and she has some of the dopest friends and knows just about everyone. sylvia was my favorite. she had just came in from france. and madeline is so sweet with hella bindi jewelry and nail polish. the photo below is courtesy sylvia facebook. i forgot to take a picture! and also a lil bit of a movie she was in.

Sistargirl made it her mission that i had a good time and she succeeded! she took me to little tokyo (where brandon had me visit my first day as well) and i found some cool japanese nail art magazines. they had so many options but my favorite was NAIL VENUS!!!! i bought a copy for @astrowifey and a lil cute keychain for @mpnails. when leilanie and i were out, we actually had entered in on a meet ppl dot com gathering without any clue. to us it was just a bar that starting filling up, but the members of the site let us in on what was really good. so she and i bounced to see what the girls were doing, and it was flaming margaritas and dinner with nguzunguzu and kelela.

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This S/S 2012 hasĀ  started off pretty good. I got asked to help with the project 'Nailgasm' and in doing so, got sent off to London for a week. This was quite an experience that I’ll never forget, especially having been honored to stay with Sophy Robson and meeting the Nail Porn family. It was my first time on a plane and first time out of the country. Chicago looks beyond beautiful high above the ground. On the ride I kept thinking about being over the ocean. And wishing planes could fly lower so I could possibly see a humpback whale.