Once upon a time there was The Lipstick Diaries and I was a contributing writer with all these other cool girls under the awesome Pauline and Kymby. Here is one of my stories that is pretty much a “what happened to them?” I had on the site which no longer exists :-( 

My goal with this post was, to update what I had wrote 1-2 years ago with where the same people are now.

I was reminiscing over the weekend and got to thinking…damn, 2005-2006  had a handful of R&B hits and misses. What happened to Mila J? The black Asian and Indian superstar who danced and sang her way onto the 15 minute T.V. screen. Oh yeah that’s right Cassie took her shine. Perhaps Mila J could give celebrity a second shot and return as a full time rapper. Yeah, that’ll do the trick.

It’s 2011 and Mila J’s music career remains M.I.A… bummer.

And then there was Missez. All the makeup, hair, and accessories in the world couldn’t keep them on the charts once Danity Kane hit it big. But I remember yall ladies! That “Love Song” cut had made it to a couple of my freaky Friday playlists during high school. It’s a shame Missez couldn’t even get they own website. I truly wonder where they at now.

I still don’t know what the fuck happened to Missez.

Okay now Young B isn’t exactly who I would consider to be a singer but she was recognized in 2005 and had most people doing the “Chicken Noodle Soup” with sodas on the side. WTF!! If she wanted to stay in the game all she had to do was collab on the choreography with Soulja Boy cuz’ if ya can’t beat em join em.

Young B appears to still be existing. She has a twitter page and put a pause on songs to model for who knows? Soft porn?

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t-shirts make it to my place but rarely get worn :-/ HOWEVER! i figured i could at least take a picture of the super duper cute gift i got back in October as a TLD (the lipstick diaries) writer from Pauline. Thank you Drama for sending me and the other gals Young & Reckless goodies, it’s much appreciated :-)

if it’s true that the researcher of “shadeism” hit me up on THE LIPSTICK DIARIES…. i’m excited!!! i love hearing from readers or anyone who likes what i do. if anyone is interested in contacting me send some goodies to gigi.mag.support@gmail.com :-)

i appreciate all of you, xxo

——Isis Nicole