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very special letters, prints, nails and hand gifts given to me, a lil girl from ohio. all the love i’ve been receiving from spain, LA, tokyo, london, chicago…never not grateful.

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every now and then we can use a reminder of our capability. above is mine. this last winter, i had been working very hard on all types of content for tipsy- from traveling to brooklyn to direct my first video campaign, to recruiting dope writers to cover new salons and nail vending machines, to finding people to participate in the nail art directory, to tracking down it-list-artists to interview. and now, everything i sowed in the winter is finally released this summer! what!!! i appreciate everyone who has been supportive of my involvement with tipsy and i am so thankful for astrowifey’s recognition of my voice. like many girls of the nail world, i can’t wait to see the turnout and hold a copy in my hands! Oooo!

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doing a lil reflecting today, i am incredibly honored to be acknowledged in two documentaries: NAILgasm, and The Wake Up Call. stepping my press game up, this is what dreams are made of.

so you guys know that i’m trying to launch my self titled magazine, (which in my eyes is the love child of terry richardson and brooke nipar) and already $105 has been raised :-)

i cannot stress enough how much of a blessing this is. i truly feel like i am fulfilling my purpose and gift to you. thank you everyone for making a way. let’s get this goal made!


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Hey everyone, please remember that a little goes a long way! It will mean the world to me if you can help me launch my magazine by encouraging friends and family to donate to my dream. Journalism is my way of giving back to you. I cannot do this without you. Thank you!


Hey everyone!! I’m really trying to get this crowdfunding jumping!! It will mean the world to me if you can help by spreading the word, and encouraging people to share or donate to my dream. My mag will be the lovechild of Terry Richardson and Brooke Nipar.

Anyone can contribute whatever is in their heart. I have featured incentives on the page as well, but it’s just a suggestion, not a requirement. Thank you so much y’all. I won’t let you down

"After five years of interviewing on Tumblr, Isis Nicole is finally starting her self-titled zine. Much like an extension of her blog, The Isis Nicole Magazine will consist of photo diaries and interviews with her handpicked list of cutting-edge creators.

Each interviewee featured will be sent a 35mm disposable camera. With the camera, the artist(s) will photograph their surroundings, making them the photographer of their story, and giving you the REAL inside of their world. 

If you believe in Isis Nicole, and want to see less ads and more stories, please help her get started on this kick ass first issue. Make an impact with whatever is in your heart to contribute, or by choosing from the awesome incentive levels featured!

Thank you so much for helping support my dream!”

Where will funding go? Production costs including:
35mm disposable cameras
Graphic Design
Magazine software

Click here to donate/share

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Words By: Isis Nicole

I’m not really the type to be like f*** everyone’s opinion, I only do me. I seek knowledge from those who know what the f*** they are talking about, which allows me to grow. I have been given opportunities to contribute to some of the most innovative women in the world. You think I wouldn’t stop to learn and apply a thing or two?

Being the co-editor of Tipsy, I’m starting to realize that people do acknowledge and respect me as a hard worker and writer. Not hard work by a traditional standard (I haven’t held a regular paying job in years *smh* that would help so much) but as a girl who grinds hard in what she wants to do for the rest of her life. The saying 'if you can't get it, create it' is so true for me. No matter what type of effort I put into filling out applications, the odds just weren’t in my favor. YET, I am able to start a nail art zine for the USA and international viewers. What type of Almighty favor is that?! That’s a blessing right there.

So to come full circle I would say believing in myself first started with my mom telling me I would be successful, and allowing me to do what I do (even when it gets tough). I thank her for letting me go to school in Chicago which is now my second home. I thank M.I.S.S. for being my first blog experience, which ultimately ended up introducing me to The Lipstick Diaries (Pauline was an absolute pleasure to write for! I miss those days!) and Sophy Robson, who saw something in me that also changed my life. Freaking Astrowifey for opening my eyes to bigger and better things. When she and I are together things just click. So much has happened in a year, from opportunities with NailGasm to Tipsy…having so many amazing brands reach out and show love, ahhhhhh it’s just all so exciting and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The responses to our Tipsy stickers are through the roof! Well…through the web.

I'm really excited about life right now. It's not always the best but there's a bright future ahead and I cannot believe how supportive everyone is. For the past 4 years I have questioned how to use my networks, and as soon as I found my niche it has all come together. This is definitely a blessing. My mom was like, stop claiming not having $ becz it's gonna come. so yeah….I believe that.

My bloggy inspirations have become friends. My friends have become family. It’s an honor to be able to travel, and I do not take any of this for granted. I’m going hard in the print for the painters of nails. See you at the top ♥

OH! And have another sneak peek at my handpicked inspirational photos for our first issue of Tipsy. You can take a guess on what will be coming soon!

Thank you Sophy Robson <3

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I had a nice Christmas. Good food, good drinks, great family. Having my cell phone break on me sucked, but I should be able to fix all that today. I also can do w/o this lowkey cold. My friend Akee got me Thierry Mugler Alien (l’art de se reveler) and it smells so lovely. It’s a new experience to my sensory, as I was expecting Mugler’s ‘Taste of Fragrance’ but seriously, L’art de se reveler is mysterious and clean. I just have to let it sit. Oh and the shimmer lotion (to add radiant glow) is killer!