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Brooke Candy has been on my interview wishlist for sometime now, and I wouldn’t even consider her my favorite rapper. I wouldn’t even consider her to be the baddest b****. CL of 2NE1 is the baddest. But I do like Brooke Candy’s style. It fits my aesthetic! And yes I know, this kind of makes me a music bad guy, but whatev’s. I’ve been through all the prejudice ideologies of music to defend my taste. But that can be such a pain, and you know what, sometimes I just like bulls*** vibrations traveling through air. But don’t mistake me for no fool. I’m not new to this music s***. I started when I was 7. Yes I was into stuff like the Spice Girls and the Backstreet Boys, but I still copped Portishead’s album around that age too because “All Mine” was brilliant. Ahh! Let me not get off topic or point fingers at who started it first becz then I wouldn’t really be showing growth. Yet, who am I kidding? Folks always playing catch up becz of their nescient ways. I have an appreciation for a number of things regardless of who do and who don’t.


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Even if you’re not keeping up with the games, by now most of Tumblr has seen nailsdid on the athletes of this summer’s Olympics. Especially the work done by Sophy Robson’s NailPorn. Robson and her team of manicurists have been going hard in the paint literally at the forefront but unfortunately due to politics, cannot announce their lovely labor at this time. That’s the tricky part about this site, things can get lost in the Tumblr universe. But if you’ve been keeping up with the tweets and tumbles, you already know the difference between derivative and NailPorn official. If you don’t, revoke your nail card now! Just kidding! But it is important to be conscious of accuracy no matter who’s behind the design. People always want their proper credit so do the homework and shoutout the source.

Continue to show love and always know what’s up, thank you! x

i apologize for not being on top of my blogging duties as i normally do. in the last three weeks i have been finding myself in chicago and LA. meeting new faces, making connections, and getting refreshed. prior to flying out to california i went to pitchfork music fest. minus being rained on with no umbrella, jacket, or tent for cover, i had a good time. i saw some friends and even mushed a b**** in her face. she was an obnoxious femme for Grimes and completely out of order. blame it on the vices? blame it on the boogie?! anywho…after the show i really wanted to catch up with a friend of mine but as usual he changed plans.

i met up with astrowifey, her boo and a group of friends at bottom lounge to attend the tumblr x pitchfork afterparty which started off weird. there was this man at the door who was checking off a list of rsvp and said we weren’t on the stupid piece of paper. as a tumblr user for four years now i really begged to differ. so instead of causing a scene we kept it cool and waited downstairs at the bar until he had left. sure enough the doorman was gone and the doors were properly opened to the public. i mean come on….was is it that exclusive? i doubt it. and who denies girls? danny brown allowed me to squeeze his head. i see him as this tootsie roll or man version of a bratz doll with this head i get an urge to smush! but he wasn’t really interested in me. he was more entertained by my homegirl helen who he kept his arm around toward the end of his shared set. it was mostly like skywlkr playing whatever he felt and danny brown talking into a mic. a few days ago i watched american pimp again with the love of my life and i was wondering if danny brown got his name from that documentary.

on a monday night in chicago i recommend rodan! i came into this lounge having no other options for last minute food and it honestly was a pleasant surprise. delightful to be exact! they have this korean fusion going on and the first night i went in, a mad decent mix was playing. to add to the chic as wicker park can be ambiance, champagne lychee is only $3! and just a heads up, all the cocktails are fancy and affordable plus they serve kimchi fried rice and other stuff up until midnight. the morning i came in from LA i actually went back after seeing batman rises. it was a nice lil date with the one person i am crazy about…i even tried to get scandalous in the lounge! sshhhh!

LA LA land is amazing. it’s just a beautiful place to be. and it feels so lucky. like everything is aligned. all is connected and everything has purpose. no one warned me about the wandering cats. i’m afraid of cats! but other than that, there wasn’t much to fear. instead of hearing cta carts roll by it’s the LA helicopters which makes sleeping feel a little less safe at first. however, nothing popped off so i was like okay i can shut my eyes, and quickly adjusted. i’m a lil tired of spanish cuisine though. that’s like the only option there. and never will i ever again pay $16.80 for a turkey sandwich and smoothie! they say organic, i say overpriced. it was a lovely lunch though spent with adam of Tight Artists. i also got a chance to check out a party with the cool kids of LA. turns out the man with the long hair who kept checking if i was okay was lil b’s manager. sebastian. very nice dude. his conversation consists of being based and positivity, so he was lowkey convincing me to tune in. i thought he was just this dude who liked madeline’s nails as much as i do. madeline poole was my host and she has some of the dopest friends and knows just about everyone. sylvia was my favorite. she had just came in from france. and madeline is so sweet with hella bindi jewelry and nail polish. the photo below is courtesy sylvia facebook. i forgot to take a picture! and also a lil bit of a movie she was in.

Sistargirl made it her mission that i had a good time and she succeeded! she took me to little tokyo (where brandon had me visit my first day as well) and i found some cool japanese nail art magazines. they had so many options but my favorite was NAIL VENUS!!!! i bought a copy for @astrowifey and a lil cute keychain for @mpnails. when leilanie and i were out, we actually had entered in on a meet ppl dot com gathering without any clue. to us it was just a bar that starting filling up, but the members of the site let us in on what was really good. so she and i bounced to see what the girls were doing, and it was flaming margaritas and dinner with nguzunguzu and kelela.

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If I’m not seeing stripper fever on Tumblr, or reading about how these young boys want to turn girls out, I’m hearing all about people getting naked for money IRL. Not everyday. I do have a stable circle of friends. But it’s 2012. And and young f**** of the 90’s have fantasized or considered dancing for dollars when the conversation comes up. Even me. Shouts to those who take it a step further from irrational jokes and figurative speech. The stigma associated with getting naked to get paid is far beyond my handling. I ain’t got the body type in the brown skin community. The thought of irritating black and mild breath cornballs or even Rick Ross gives me the creeps. Eww! I’ll pass. Plus my mama raised me right. So I just can’t. However, I do see why some of you can. This world is expensive. If you like material things and having fund$$$ fast, I can understand your hustle. Money hasn’t ruled me. I’m okay with my gift, my calling: which is writing, and writers obviously aren’t doing it to get paid. And that’s complete bulls***! As much as I love the perks, I would love to consistently be paid for what I do.

Anyway, I was browsing through some of my favorite dancehall queen competitions and got to thinking, if I had to, this is more of my style. I’m a bad gyal. I like costumes, nails, hair, and traveling. That’s a dun dealy! I’m just not capable of doing the splits or twisting my neck. So I guess physically it ain’t my speed either. Damn!

Now you know why I just stick to being good old Isis Nicole. The non-flexible smart. charming. lucky, or as I get often….sweetheart! Who just wants to make my mama proud. As much as I appreciate adult culture, somebody gotta represent for the girls who didn’t flaunt their wet traps. Might as well be me.

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If you’re anything like me, you need privacy in the restroom. That is like my sanctuary inside of the home. No one is allowed in when occupied, and it better be clean. Anyway, this story isn’t about how clean you should keep your bathroom. It’s about when you have to use a toilet that’s not yours. It’s a guys. The guy you aren’t exactly with. The dude who still sees that butt as that ASS. The one who still makes fun of girl farts because of course, ladies don’t have gas. Gas is a myth. And taking a poop is unheard of….well more like the unaddressed.

As crafty ladies I say let’s keep up the charades. If you’re staying overnight, or for a weekend, hell even if you are in a relationship, why let him know what goes on in there?! Here is the only trick I know to help out if you really gotta go poo.

Ahead of time, turn the smallest room into a powder house. Fill it with fem products like perfumes, makeup and flatirons. He won’t suspect a thing. You’ve had too much Chipotle, the beans are really starting to set in, and the time has come for you to ummm…release. Don’t be ashamed. Excuse yourself with some bulls*** like ‘oh I have to freshen up!’. No harm, no further questions. Once you’re in it’s time to plug the irons then turn on the shower. Preferably a really warm, damn near steaming shower. I don’t know why, but heat from the irons and steam from the shower disguise scents and sounds! In the meantime, he’s completely clueless to what’s going on. And once you’re done you can literally keep your word and freshen up. Oh and look! All of your magic is right there in the bathroom to doll yourself up. But before you leave, make sure to spritz that b**** down! And come out looking like a star.

Kanye West is hella notorious for being openly emotional, spazzin’ out on those who don’t fall in accord to his perfect kingdom. So if this whole Kim K. deal don’t last, my pockets already burnt for an 808 part II purchase. Not that I think he’s madly in love. I actually don’t follow Kanye’s love life all like that to know if he’s head-over-heels. But I do listen to his music, and in his music history he’s always telling real ass stories and sharing secrets. I don’t even know his new girl on a personal level but from what airs on T.V. and all over the internets, that b**** cray….in an annoying sense. So maybe after their breakup Kanye can just confirm what I already think. Go ALL THE WAY IN on that chick. It’s what a sensible Hip-Hop genius would do. Haiii!!

after reading a few stories juicer than Cosmo…like forreal Cosmo don’t come nearly as correct as IMBOYCRAZY, i started to think of my own escapades. which are many. but what can i say? i’m 21, single, and spent my coming of age years in a big city. i’ve met a lot of guys, had some free meals, and enjoyed good company. still no one makes me blush like this one dude who puts me on pause. straight poison, and i’m still interested. the cool thing is though, if i do come out of this spell alive, and we actually happen to make monogamous magic, i will be able to tell our story. ‘oh how did you met?’ well i got really drunk after breaking up w/ someone, and there was this familiar face posted on the wall staring at me. i even have the video to prove it! party was busted. i was beyond the point of no return wasted, and needed to be carried home. literally. i was a hysterical mess, crying and laughing at the same damn time. peeing in public. and the worst….throwing up on his arm (protected only by his hoodie). he returned me home safely to my homegirls. and i was pissed he didn’t come upstairs. today i don’t blame him! anyway, the next day i called to apologize and make breakfast as a sorry. he accepted my apology and munchies….and we’ve been talking ever since. true story bro!

As much as I talk about boobs, I know in my heart of hearts that the ass is really where it’s at. I’m mean come on! No one can deny a glance at something so round and bouncy and perfect. There’s got to be a reason the lower-end gets paid and pleasure. I personally am a fan of my own little big booty becz it’s plump, but I can also appreciate a juicy patooty when I see one. Not to be mistaken with the church butts OR the type that’s one bowl of beans away from being a hot ass mushy mess. Yuck! I’m talking about the one’s that actually put in maintenance and represent for the derrieres across the globe.

After watching the ‘Watermelon Woman’ I took a good look in the mirror at my own body then started blogging my thoughts. Maybe I am ‘lucky that my breast are small and humble’. I’m petite but the little bit of fat I do have goes to my bottom half adding some proportion, Thank God! When I’m in the moment with a guy, it’s not the bee stings he’s reaching for. It’s my ass! And I like it that way. But I wasn’t always like this. It took some time (not a lot) to accept my shape as it is. So now I think it’s kind of sad when girls feel pressured to ‘improve’ to be appealing. This isn’t supposed to turn into some let’s hold hands and build our esteem piece. To be frank, unattractive b******* still do exist. But I do want girls to take away that confidence is key. If you can only afford to love your natural being, treat your body to a intrepid lifestyle. If you gotta rock the Booty Pop, own that shit! If you’re going under the knife, think long and hard about it. It’s not necessary but if you do it, do it for the love of yourself, not the acceptance of others (which hardly makes sense but I get what I’m saying). It’s a cold world out there where sex appeal is said to be everything. You were born in your body so you might as well treat it like treasure. Find your favorite asset(s) and take care of it. That’s all I had to say.

It’s spring but I haven’t felt like relaxing. I’ve just been up applying, applying, applying. Then waiting, waiting, waiting. Sometimes there’s a response. Most times it’s no word back. But in the meantime please do expect more Q&A’s. Those keep me focused and inspired! Oh, and I have literally stepped outside of my comfort zone in hopes of getting to where I want to be. It’s about that time to start making a list. Short-term and long-term, and see where it takes me. xx

Did not expect to see my face on Disco Nail. I see Astrowifey reblogs and my other nail favorites on there sometimes, but this time it was my face! I’m cheesin’ like a mug! Thank you xx

By Isis Nicole

have a serious problem. And it’s about guys. And I want to figure out why this whole thing even started so I can change it. Okay, so here it goes. Why is it that a guy can catch all of my attention when wearing a hat but when he takes it off my feelings change?! It’s like what’s underneath the beautiful halo is always some kind of lame ass haircut or head shape. I’m smitten for the beanies, the fitted’s, and the snappers. Fedora’s…umm not so much. And this is driving me crazy! First finger f*** fantasies thanks to mpc’s, then the necessity of humor, now this! When did I start caring so much about such useless material?! Hats! And even worse. Why is it so difficult to find a beautiful face, a beautiful hat, and a beautiful head? Don’t get me wrong. I do notice height, weight, scent and personality (not at all meant to be in a superficial order!) BUT wearing a good fit can alter everything. I would scratch one of the five dating prerequisites just because of a God dang hat. Yet, basing attraction off of head accessories is getting me nowhere. Take that back. It’s getting me somewhere, just what’s underneath is a bummer. Maybe this is how guys feel when rubbing their fingers thru what they thought was a non weave wearing head. Or maybe how girls feel when the “package” doesn’t nearly compare to its ummm….ego. I’ll tell you who is sexy regardless of headwear *cough cough* Diplo *cough cough*. Ugh, truth is, I’m getting more and more specific with my attractions and I really don’t mean to be such a b$#%!

This S/S 2012 has  started off pretty good. I got asked to help with the project ‘Nailgasm’ and in doing so, got sent off to London for a week. This was quite an experience that I’ll never forget, especially having been honored to stay with Sophy Robson and meeting the Nail Porn family. It was my first time on a plane and first time out of the country. Chicago looks beyond beautiful high above the ground. On the ride I kept thinking about being over the ocean. And wishing planes could fly lower so I could possibly see a humpback whale.

Nicki Minaj, please kill the gimmicks, not roman

By Isis Nicole

Nicki Minaj on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was a blasphemous mess that called attention to way too many personalities. make up your mind boo! Either be the dope ass rapper fans can faithfully applaud, or try to out stage Lady Gaga at what she does best. Because trying to execute both on national television is just crazy awful. I know you’re weird, I know you can spit, and I have a hunch that you can pull more creativity than that desperate mess. So do it!

The whole deal with demons and religion is played out. Minaj, you is a motherf****** monster. You don’t need no priest, because you’s the kick ass MC who can spaz out on any beat without all the unnecessary distractions. Exorcisms are for movies, not the Grammy’s. Was that the best you could do? I thought the purpose of your return was to release Roman out to seek revenge. Roman was just kickin’ it in moscow. He was just calling bitches out for being stupid hoes. And now you want to go and ruin him by throwing in some Catholic BS? Come correct Nicki. You should have shown the world why you really deserved to even grace the Grammy’s. I would have been more satisfied if you would have just finished rapping “Roman’s Revenge” or even performed your dance-electro hit with David Guetta “Turn me On.” Don’t fall off now because you want the high life. I get that you want to build an empire. You’re not trying to go back to Queens. But you can still be the bomb ass big booty wig wearing creator fans grew to love without all the shenanigans. Don’t let them gimmicks take your shine. Lay off the cartoons, loosen up those lace fronts, put your pussy back on who’s ever sideburns, get back to the studio, and let Nicki Minaj win.