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Thank you @sistargirl and M.I.S.S. for the lovely @tipsyzine write-up on the nails did shopper’s guide!

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#BabyHairAlert feat. @Sistargirl


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I love giving gifts. So awhile back I asked @Sistargirl to help me think of a custom gift idea for my girl @Astrowifey and this is the final product. I have such a hard time keeping secrets! But I love it and so did she.

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go hard in the nail paint

I got my @DmpcDesigns temp tat..if you want some hit me up :-) and rocking my @sistargirl heart knockers. My messy desk is actually organized.

Not only am I a huge fan of emails, but I’m absolutely in love with gifts and goodies I get in the mail. Today I received a gift from @Sistargirl, and these heart knockers are bomb as f**k!!!! The letter says,

"Thanks for always helping promote my work <3 Lei". Aww, I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

I also got my newest goods from Dimepiece Designs and my 8oz weave from Far East Tress too. I’m bouta be looking fly!

caught my eye. $5 over here