exciting news! I got a shout out from Brass in her interview with Scratch magazine and my photo is all up in that piece as well :). it’s been an honor to have helped on “NAILgasm”. I’ve learned so much about myself and so many incredible ladies, but just to clarify, I blog photos onto NailPorn and create captions edited by the head woman in charge. There’s not really a writers block just yet, but maybe Robson will consider? Vlogs are probably more forward anyways and NailPorn has already got a lock on that.

(Source: oi45.tinypic.com)

saw this vlog by @whoisbrass and what a wonderful surprise…it’s our faces in Scratch magazine! i had no clue until today. that’s my photo from the BUMP club lady robson took us too. it’s way exciting to see “NAILgasm” blooming. i just hope it doesn’t fail glossy loca. she is definitely someone i wanna know approves mostly becz she is way cool and hardly f**** w/ any s***.

Aw snap @Astrowifey big time now. Here’s her snapshot of her first full spread in a publication….Scratch UK that is, and I’m so happy for her. We still have yet to actually party party. If you’re in the Chicago area yall better make them nail appointments. I’m telling you she’s a gem.