I wanted to write about this observation for the longest time and I’ve finally got a move on it. What took me so long was the approach but I think as I type I’m gonna make myself very clear. Ladies, of any colour, beware of any black guy who obsess over Asian girls. They’re strange. And by strange I do mean crazy kind of weird. Not exactly groundbreaking…but very very true. It’s not even the fantasy or happiness that comes from their attraction that freaks me out. I absolutely love seeing interracial romance and Asian girls are soooooo friggin cute!!!! It’s the black guys mannerisms and personalities that make my lips twist and head shake. Using your hands to play video games, jack off and Google search Asian chicks because you’ve had wetdreams about Gogo Yubari. Are you forreals with that?

There’s the black guy who thinks he’s Asian so he may as well be. He completely eliminates his brown existence, keeps a Japanese dictionary by his bedside, says no to forks and spoons, watches his anime w/o the English subtitles and keeps Asian friends for novelties. This is his way of earning a right of passage like humans are a patch on a boys scout vest or some sh*t and to lure in the Asian girls. He may also be well into french vanilla, butter pecan and chocolate deluxe but the problem is he got no game.

Then there’s the guy who’s charming, confident and paid but really rather have a lady without brown skin due to some black woman of the past who really damaged a niggas ego. He may look like he has it together but a man like this has serious issues. Don’t be surprised if his main conversation is a rant on why he can’t stand his own. Negro please.

The last of the guys that I have noticed is Asian fetish fanaticism at it’s most embarrassing height. I’m not even sure if it’s about the women at this point. Year round costumes meant only for Acen? Enough said.


By: Isis Nicole

It is the age old question: can women and men be just friends? While this is one question that has plagued people for generations, I’m going to settle all of the disputes. I’m just going to come right out and say it. Yes, it is possible for men and women to just be friends. Who am I to say that the thought is unimaginable or impossible? The fact that two people aren’t the same sex shouldn’t necessarily mean that they are incapable of having a platonic relationship. 

With that said, the best way to maintain a healthy friendship that involves members of the opposite sex is to eliminate and/or conquer the physical attraction. Oftentimes, this is easier said than done, but if you can get around this tiny detail, it could possibly be smooth sailing from that moment until forever. Now, let’s break it down for a second. Getting past the physical can mean a lot of different things. However, it boils down to whether or not you’re going to act on “it” or not. 

Back in the day, when there was absolutely no pressure that came along with being friends with the opposite sex, we found a way to make it work, right? That was the time when boys and girls were buddies and pals. So, why can’t the same be true in adulthood? Friendship does not have to mean romance. We have the choice to either allow a friendship to transition into something more or to uphold its genuine emotion. 

In my case, I like the fact that my friendship with males aren’t romantic at all. My male friends are like brothers. They are there when I need advice and my partners in crime. Sure they may witness a heartbreak and may even try to mend it, but that’s as far as it goes.

In the words of Don O’Meara, Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati-Raymond Walters College, “Platonic love does exist.” We just have to decide for ourselves what’s appropriate and what’s not.