Reminisce With M.I.S.S. Aaliyah By Isis Nicole

The early 90′s midway through the new millennium was all about songstress Aaliyah. From the swooped left side bang  to her tomboyish wear (baggy pants and midriff tee), the Brooklyn-bred/Detroit-raised petite figure danced and sang her way into our hearts. I was only four years old when I first heard Aaliyah’s single “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number” and I am certain that at the time I couldn’t fully grasp exactly what she was talking about! But her voice replayed constantly in my head, and at that moment, she was officially my favorite singer. As her career grew, I grew, and as her lyrics matured, I fantasized more about love. When I was supposed to be playing in a sandbox somewhere, I was listening to “4 Page Letter”, “I Care 4 U”, and “One In A Million” —all are which I consider to be R&B classics. Reminiscing about this now, I believe Aaliyah’s music was my first lesson in love: having the best of something that at any moment, can easily be taken away…

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The first time I heard Amy Winehouse was my sophomore year in high school and I have been changed since. She was the voice in my head when my albums Tidal & Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple got over played. I’m very sad to see that drugs took something so precious away. I’m finding that drugs take a lot of precious things from me. At least I have her CD’s. Sorry Bey but i gotta keep my girl on repeat today.