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A friend of mine recently made a comment about the highly offensive origins of the ice cream truck song which influenced my decision on this #tbt post. I’m from southern Ohio. Cincinnati to be exact, and believe it or not, I used to be scared as hell to go to Fountain Square as a kid. For my friends who grew up in other cities, the KKK was more so a textbook outrage. Something that would make them angry whenever they thought about their grandparents and shit in history class. But for me as a kid, the Klan was still very real and I would have nightmares about them ruining my Christmas. I don’t know the politics or how popular or unpopular the rallies were but growing up as a kid in the 90’s, I wouldn’t dare dream of stepping foot on Fountain Square during holiday. I say dream becz my mom wasn’t on that shit either. TF she look like putting anyone in what was in my mind, danger. 

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I never really discuss race on my personal accounts, but this was some a powerful reflection for me.
Even talking to one of my baby cousin’s this past weekend - who’s a chocolate wonder with one of the biggest hearts. She’s going through it right now at her Catholic school the same way I was going through it at mine when I attended. The things some kids have to endure in the city of Cincinnati becz their parents want to make sure they get a better education is tough. I especially hated the 3rd grade, being the only black girl in my class bullied by peers and teachers. It wasn’t until 8th grade - moving to a whole new area, and school - that life got easier and I found my voice.  

Little Isis.
Raymond Jones, with Cincinnati Concerned Citizens Association confronts Klan Rev. James E. Hogg, on Fountain Square in 1998.Raymond Jones, with Cincinnati Concerned Citizens Association confronts Klan Rev. James E. Hogg, on Fountain Square in 1998.

Fast forward to more present times though, Fountain Square and my appreciation for Cincinnati has grown stronger. I got to witness president Obama campaign on the Square [just before I witnessed him accept presidency right there on the ground at Grant Park freshman year in college] and I got to witness Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek perform “Just To Get By” on the Square.  

Me on Fountain Square at Obama campaign. 
Me on Fountain Square for the Talib Kweli x Hi-Tek show. 


he’ll say things, then he’ll do things and i’ll think things then i’ll want things, and neither of us will surrender. instinct begs me to fear that we are built on a foundation meant to crumble but i am daughter of delusion and dangerously in love. —-ice