finally got to meet cutie pie Gita at the TW magazine porty!

If there was anything outside of Watch The Throne and seeing ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ (David Fincher), that I was tryna do… definitely on the list would have been to make it to the merry nailporn party. Seeing London life, experimenting with vajazzle, and getting hit while hooking up my tips….aww man! Would have been something. But I know Sophy nem will have a blast! And I can’t wait to see the recap. Cheers yall!


Sophy Robson’s CHRISTMAS nail menu for tonight down at ‘Merry @nailporn’


Muffy - Party Freestyle

Courtesy @_koshjelly: since i always forget to pull my little broken pink device out. i call this one, shoes.

last night i had a few friends over, enjoyed cupcakes that i baked at 9am and champagne with confetti and balloons. thank you for coming out.