Words By: Isis Nicole

It’s like that time Gwen Stefani said,"You’re trying my shoes on for a change. Out of fashion so I can’t complain." I can totally picture Nicki Minaj retracting from her Harajuku days, which was already a rerun from the footsteps of Stefani’s conceptual album "Love. Angel. Music. Baby", to endorse one of the best things to ever happen to K-Pop. 2NE1!

They’re great performers, they have incredible style, and they’re so so cute! I imagine Nicki Minaj to be someone who likes to be affiliated with internacional babes, and since CL is the baddest female coming out of Seoul..why wouldn’t she hop on?

Nicki’s already got a head start making an appearance in that adidas Originals commercial that features the K-Pop group, plus she’s expressed her interest in Korea after her music video “Check It Out" with will.i.am. Yes, those crazy ‘kawaii’ letters were actually Korean AS IN nothing to do with Japan. Ahh! Which is what irritates me lowkey. I feel like her Harajuku Barbie moments were a tacky misrepresentation of what that fashion district in Tokyo really is. Great taste in wigs, yet counterintuitive combination of costumes. But Nicki is all sorts of confused anyways which is probably why she has so many clashes of clothes, characters and accents. She’s like a Nicki Morass—-a complicated mess.

I do like her as a rapper though. She’s probably got the platform to make it okay for a very general and commercial United States to be interested in groups like 2NE1. But I don’t think that opportunity can be successfully pulled off until Nicki herself discovers who she is. She defined herself as the female Weezy, who I also see as Roman, who is also from London and Queens New York, yet a Barbie monster, who inked her arm in Chinese calligraphy but is very fond of Japan which isn’t a very concrete definition at all…

But hey if they like it, I love it for the sake of K-Pop.

Nicki Minaj, please kill the gimmicks, not roman

By Isis Nicole

Nicki Minaj on the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was a blasphemous mess that called attention to way too many personalities. make up your mind boo! Either be the dope ass rapper fans can faithfully applaud, or try to out stage Lady Gaga at what she does best. Because trying to execute both on national television is just crazy awful. I know you’re weird, I know you can spit, and I have a hunch that you can pull more creativity than that desperate mess. So do it!

The whole deal with demons and religion is played out. Minaj, you is a motherf****** monster. You don’t need no priest, because you’s the kick ass MC who can spaz out on any beat without all the unnecessary distractions. Exorcisms are for movies, not the Grammy’s. Was that the best you could do? I thought the purpose of your return was to release Roman out to seek revenge. Roman was just kickin’ it in moscow. He was just calling bitches out for being stupid hoes. And now you want to go and ruin him by throwing in some Catholic BS? Come correct Nicki. You should have shown the world why you really deserved to even grace the Grammy’s. I would have been more satisfied if you would have just finished rapping “Roman’s Revenge” or even performed your dance-electro hit with David Guetta “Turn me On.” Don’t fall off now because you want the high life. I get that you want to build an empire. You’re not trying to go back to Queens. But you can still be the bomb ass big booty wig wearing creator fans grew to love without all the shenanigans. Don’t let them gimmicks take your shine. Lay off the cartoons, loosen up those lace fronts, put your pussy back on who’s ever sideburns, get back to the studio, and let Nicki Minaj win.


Oh how I miss Lip Service