i volunteered at the ronald mcdonald house in cincinnati with Astrowifey as a guest of the @PolishedGirlz and got my nailsdid by the kids <333 they gave me these cute 3-d teddy bears and handpainted penguins and stripes! soooo cute!

@NailgasmDoc captured @Astrowifey working her magic on me!

I miss @mpnails.

Call me Tipsy!

I got my nailsdid by @astrowifey to represent my co-editor Tipsy swag! Our first issue drops real soon!

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Tipsy Co-Editor @IsisNicole putting in work, nails always done up! Working hard on Tipsy stories. (Taken with Instagram)

Over at the Tipsy HQ I flicked through Netflix and enjoyed the ringpop Ash gave me from the mail. I know @flossgloss sent in some lacquer, @misshandly sent in some tips. But I’m not sure which of these ladies sent in the ring pops! Was delicious brain food.

These are my latest nailsdid by @Astrowifey, KAWS I CAN!

I was featured in Justin Barbin’s Windy City Street Style: Mad Decent Block Party edition for Huffington Post Chicago, how exciting!!! I love his description and images. Mint chocolate chip! Hell yeah! And he got a nice shot of my BB$ tribute nails and mentioned “Nailgasm”.

"I was reminded of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I saw Isis in her outfit. I loved the color choices particularly the use of orange and mint together – a fresh combination for summer.
Interesting tidbit: Isis worked on a nail art documentary which explains the colorful art on her own nails!

Hook-worthy: natural afro with braid, orange satchel purse, and mint green skinny jeans” —— Justin Barbin @jjbarbin

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I had txt’d my naildid by Astrowifey to Des, and she was kind enough to share it on the net. I love that people are loving it. They were rumored to be Mad Decent nails, but I switched it up and went for a BB$ x Fafi tribute. That was my introduction to fly ass chicks from the web from the real world. I don’t know. I never thought that by the time I turned 22 I would be rocking one of the main crews who gave me confidence on my fingertips, and having a former member salute that s***! It’s an honor truly and Ash always does such a great job on me x

this bird wanted to peck my nails i swear!

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@isisnicole <3333 @ROLLZROYCE_ @ttauritraph0use @stellar_bb @zAKMATIC