I leave for London this Tuesday with @Brasspix. Yall don’t know how excited I am to finally meet my Nail Porn family, and most of all Sophy Robson. As a tribute to my first time traveling on a plane and first time traveling out of the country I got currency nails. Since my dollar will now be pounds. I’ll take lots of pictures, learn lots of things, and really take in the experience of Nailgasm. It’s an honor! xx

Aw snap @Astrowifey big time now. Here’s her snapshot of her first full spread in a publication….Scratch UK that is, and I’m so happy for her. We still have yet to actually party party. If you’re in the Chicago area yall better make them nail appointments. I’m telling you she’s a gem. 

looks yummy


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Now I have another face to who wears these types of nails. This is sick! It’s like all you can do is adjust ya wigs and stay fly.

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we can do it baby simple and plain, glossy finish and some gold thangs :-)

Nails by Disco Nails

picture from earlier this year when i did my nails after purchasing some gems from michael’s and knock off chanel studded earrings from the chinese hair store. i broke the $2 earrings and then glued them shits on. they were a bit snagged but i admit  that i’m pretty proud of my effort. i said from that point on i was gonna find anything else glittery and gold to stick to my fingers but taking them off was a b!tch. it hurt like crap becz these are my real nails. so instead of gemming the nails that are most sensitive i’ll just place gems on my ring finger since it’s the shortest. here are some of the other pics.

I don’t even know where to begin with Aya Fukuda. Her nail art is still leaving my eyes glued to the computer screen. Gaga got the hookup.

When I wake up to great emails I can’t help but smile. And this week it was all about the goods from AstroWifey. Thanks again girl for hitting me up. In my opinion it’s what having a successful blog is all about. I love the love shown and I can’t wait to see what AstroWifey has in store.

I did some lurking and came across some favorite designs by her. This lady is sick! And if you’re in the Chicago area and could use some fly tips, hit her up.

Nail Art By AstroWifey

I’m gonna have to do this. Seriously. Gem shopping for the weekend. Beautiful design.


Less is More….

Sephora Presents Sophy Robson’s Cherry Blossom Nail How To

That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

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