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this is a portrait of alysha rumpshaker, it is based on a dream i had abt erica reyes where she had lisa frank hair and eyes but i made it rumpshaker instead bc she’s an amazing beauty queen who deserves to be immortalized in 80s style beauty parlor neon forever.


style and grace. 

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Interview By: Isis Nicole 

Nail Porn caught up with NYC-based nail artist Natalie Pavloski, in celebration of her Nail Salon Pop-Up held exclusively at Muddguts  today (3/19) from 2-6pm alongside aliciatorellonails. She’s got us bodied IRL ever since her Lil Kim tribute. Girl talk about competition, collaborations, Nails, and Dolly Parton after the jump!


Coming soon!

Lil Deebie or Iggy Azalea?

Lil’ Kim.

What’s the most important emoji?

The nail one of course!

3 nail art essentials: 

Ideas, a paint brush and polish remover.

Are there any misconceptions about being a nail artist?

No, not really.

Do you ever have to overcome competitiveness, or is the nail art community pretty cool about collaboration and sharing clients?  

I feel that artists in the nail art community are generally supportive of one another. There are so many amazing artists doing different and unique things. Collaborations sprout new and interesting work and I believe, for the most part, we are all supportive of that. I know I certainly am.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your nail career thus far?

What’s rewarding to me is that people are interested and receptive to my work. It makes me love my job that much more.

Your work is spreading like wildfire on the social media scene. Can you introduce yourself, and how you got your start in the nail art game? 

I was about 16-years-old or so when I stopped biting my nails because I got braces. I learnt that I had lovely nails and that they were a lot of fun to paint, and I became obsessed! I would paint friends and family’s nails regularly. When I moved to NYC from Melbourne, Australia I met my friend and mentor, celebrity nail artist Alicia Torello. I picked her brains about the nail industry and how I could get involved. She invited me to come a long and assist her… finally I started putting my personal work out via social media and have had an amazing response, which I am thankful for. It’s been crazy ever since!

What’s the story behind your zine Nails

I have collected and been obsessed with iconic nail salon imagery for a long time. That’s where it all blossomed from!

How did you end up teaming with the Newsstand?

Nathaniel Matthews who produced the Zine, is a part of the 8 Ball Zines crew. When talking about the zine release, he suggested doing the pop-up at The Newsstand. We confirmed the dates with curator Lele Saveri and that was that!

Can you share more about this international nail art project your working on?

It’s with an amazing Australian photographer Danny Cohen…I will say no more, it’s a surprise!

Whose nails are you dying to do?

Fictional, Betty Boop. Non Fictional, Dolly Parton.

Do you make your own nail wraps or any other nail art products? 

I make my own custom decals which are a lot of fun!

What inspires your work?

Books, record covers, art and artists in various industries, fashion, pop culture, music, movies… the list goes on and on.

Where do you plan on taking your nail art this summer?

To another realm!!

What’s nail porn to you?

The perfect exposé of some of the most beautiful and interesting nail art currently out.

IG: nataliepavloskinails
Twitter: @nataliepavloski

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very special letters, prints, nails and hand gifts given to me, a lil girl from ohio. all the love i’ve been receiving from spain, LA, tokyo, london, chicago…never not grateful.

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my interview with Sophy Robson featured in the s/s 2013 issue of tipsy zine. 

my interview with @INTENSAE featured in the s/s 2013 issue of tipsy zine. 

my interview with @INTENSAE featured in the s/s 2013 issue of tipsy zine. 

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yesterday, i went to urban outfitters to discover my feature in the wah nails book of downtown girls. astrowifey was interviewed for the second edition of sharmadean reid’s book to talk about her brand and the makings of tipsy zine, giving me a small shoutout for my role as the co-editor! it was a crazy experience seeing the first issue of a project i worked hard on out in public, and i am grateful for the opportunity. hopefully in the future i’ll be considered for an interview. 

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After a long autumn/winter, it’s time to heat things up y’all! Get ready for the second issue of Tipsy Zine S/S 2013 coming soon! Take a look at my video with global girl @lopezlyfe for @tipsyzine!

Nails By- Prima Creative, ThisIsVenice, UNeedAManicure
Model- Elayna Lopez
MUA- Flashh Niper
MUA- Yasmin Robinson
Hair- iLLY Lussiano
Song- Strictly 4 My Slayaz by Lurkdat
Directed by- Isis Nicole
Produced by- Wayuptheblock

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can i be just as cool someday.

It’s not too late to donate!


Click here to donate $10.00 to the first issue of Tipsy F/W 2012.

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meaty nails by pinkita