except i didn’t have any tape. practice would probably make perfect if i stopped half-assing the steps in these diy books.

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last year in LA. afterdark nail sessions.

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neck stretch makes me look tall in photos. missing LA. i need a part 2. 

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dreamy hba boys got did by @mpnails and @thisisprima 

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My nails on @VFILES may not mean anything 2 u, but it means everything to me! I was just scrolling through emails and BAM!!! My colour blocks by @mpnails peeking out on the far right. I see it’s a polished gang…Brooke Candy’s purple, pink and green slants with gold accents…I think the brown hands next to mine belong to the singer Kelea. Dang!

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still a classic

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wtf @LANESTEWART and i were at the same party over the summer

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hearing madeline’s laugh always makes me laugh!

can i be just as cool someday.