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omg it’s 6 days past mad decent’s tumblrpalooza 2 year anniversary. how could i forget when diplo’s crackberry picked some of the coolest girls online. my blog was nominated and considered cute! @MaryRach3l i see you.


I was featured in Justin Barbin’s Windy City Street Style: Mad Decent Block Party edition for Huffington Post Chicago, how exciting!!! I love his description and images. Mint chocolate chip! Hell yeah! And he got a nice shot of my BB$ tribute nails and mentioned “Nailgasm”.

"I was reminded of mint chocolate chip ice cream when I saw Isis in her outfit. I loved the color choices particularly the use of orange and mint together – a fresh combination for summer.
Interesting tidbit: Isis worked on a nail art documentary which explains the colorful art on her own nails!

Hook-worthy: natural afro with braid, orange satchel purse, and mint green skinny jeans” —— Justin Barbin @jjbarbin

well it’s good to see that mad decent mondays is on board with nails. whoever made that decision made my day and i’m not even in philly! oh and the guest is chippy nonstop who i also interviewed a little while back. check the post below. my mom really likes her name!

my diamonds and dino by @astrowifey…that diplodocus and ice.

David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe present: Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido (Moombahsoul meets Luvstep)

Moombahsoldier David Heartbreak & Luvstepfather Dirty South Joe present the perfect bridge between the sounds they’ve helped to popularize. Brick Bandits Philly first lady Regina “Gun$” Garcia takes the crown with a seamless 36 track mix featuring the best in Moombahsoul, Future Garage & Luvstep.

Who is Gun$ Garcia? What is Amor Prohibido? We’ll let Thug House pioneer Dances With White Girls tell the tale:

when i was in high school in philly there was this cute rican girl NOT GUNS GARCIA BUT ALMOST AS CUTE.. who went to the catholic school. little did i know that she was a sparkplug and i wasnt spanish or thug enough to be with her even with her flirting and she got pregnant. and i used to have a thing for english black girls who like grime and dubstep. but this has nothing to do with this mix. except that this will take you to the barrio and back and bring u the man/girl of ur dreams who will merenque your heart out on the graves of dead footsoldiers in the war on drugs. and then fly u first class with a bottle of proseco to the best basement party in london that also looks like the party scene in layer cake. AND IM THERE….”

*So there is definitely more to ^what’s above^ but I (Isis Nicole) decided to cut it out and insert my own words to tell you what the f**k you’re about to get into. I got "David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe Present: Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido Mix
  in an email this week from Dirty South Joe…(oh so dirty) and it came right on time. It was blazing out, I needed a new mix, pressed play, and the aggravating sweat that clung to my body and clothes turned into a sexy wet t-shirt music video. Seriously, prior to the background music I looked stressed & gross. I hate sweat. At that moment I should have had a camera just to show the transformation from sad to bad! I ain’t spanish but I know Selena when I hear it, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t turn it off. Always always pay respect to a queen. For me, the mix really starts bumpin @ 15:14, so on and so forth. I love the whole thing. Thank you so much DSJ, Brick Bandits and Mad Decent for always hooking me up and showing me love!!!!! You definitely blessed my soul with yet another keeper. I LUH YOU’S!!!!!!

David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe Present:

Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido Mix

Moombahsoul meets Luvstep

It’s about time I catch up with some of the other winners.

This week I got to catch up with Dirty South Joe crackberry style for a q&a that I had every intention to keep as my magazine writing draft for class. But it’s just too good to not be shared so I decided to post it. Anyone who knows me has had no choice but to hear Luvstep a number of times and more than likely left with a copy or 2 of their own mix. Lowkey, Luvstep has become bait and is kind of like my signature scent except it’s this heavy bass dirty wobbly music. Since last year’s Luvstep success (I promise you it never gets old and can be played anytime anywhere) he and Flufftronix have done a number of things including the release of Luvstep 2, some t-shirts and touring. I wonder if they will ever make a stop to Chicago?? Anywayyy, this piece ain’t about me or what I luvvv. It’s about Dirty South Joe so you’d like to read it, see below <3

Isis Nicole Q&A: Dirty South Joe

(Image via East Village Radio)


Joey “Dirty South Joe” Massarueh


Jacksonville, Florida

What inspired you to become a DJ? The combination of a non stop musical appetite and an enthusiasm for turning people on to new sounds made DJing a natural choice.

What is your favorite kind of music to mix? Nothin’ but smangers!

What sets you apart from other DJ’s? An ability to see the bigger picture and interconnectedness of various musical styles and the skill to express those styles seamlessly while still keeping the audience engaged and enthralled. 

What would you say was the moment you broke threw as an artist (recognized beyond a local setting?) I was interviewed in Index Magazine in 2002 on behalf of my work with Southern rap music following the release of my “Da Hood, Da Bad & Da Thugly” mix trilogy. The great John Peel (RIP) was interviewed in the same issue…to share the same pages as a legend of his stature was definitely an important moment for me. 

How did Luvstep come about? Luvstep was born at a time when dubstep seemed to be heading to an almost comical and very cliched place. It’s reputation was that exclusively of burners and bros (at least from a North American perspective,) and there was a whole other side to it that hadn’t really been focused on at that point. We (Michael “Flufftronix” Lasday and myself) just wanted to make a mix that focused on feeling and emotion as well as the boom, that people could enjoy in a variety of settings. It’s the latest in a long line of classic make out music…where sinewy slow jams meet nasty wobbles and filthy basslines. 

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve seen on tour so far? Definitely some clown in a trench coat who claimed to be from The Village Voice trying to interview us DURING our Brooklyn performance. Very very strange…lol! Other than that there are people making out everywhere which isn’t necessarily outrageous, but it’s definitely appreciated!

Besides the Luvstep series, are there any other projects you work on? Too many to count at the moment! There’s Cool Records, my new label venture with Flufftronix. We’re kicking things off with a Tim Dolla remix ep that we’re extremely proud of. That will be followed by new releases from LOL Boys, Javier Estrada, Flufftronix & 215TFK & much more. I’ve also been very busy with the Blood Bros action movie soundtrack series I’m doing with Mad Decent’s DJA. We’re releasing Vol 3 this year. I’m also working with Moombahtonistas Heartbreak & Munchi mixing their H&M present Moombahsoul compilation. Besides those there are some secret projects in the works that I can’t mention yet, but stay tuned! on top of each new wave in order to maximize your exposure and impact. 

I happen to follow you on Tumblr but I wanted to know how you would
describe your blog? Pretty much the same as everyone elses…a loose collection of things I’m doing and things I’m into. I just happen to have very good taste.

How has social networking played a role in your life as a DJ? I count on social networking for promoting 80-90% of what I do. It’s important to always stay on top of each new wave in order to maximize your exposure and impact. 

What blogging trends would you like to see disappear? I’d like to see the literal hype machine (the concept, not the url/blog aggregator hype machine) slow down a little bit to spend a little more time appreciating new sounds instead of being so quick to propel them followed by deeming them passe so quickly. It’s inevitable, but it still sucks.

What music trend would you like to see disappear? Beard house.

What is the biggest accomplishment of yours so far? Definitely the Luvstep project. It’s an incredible feeling to know that something you’re doing makes people so happy, and now that artists we love like Dillon Francis & Two Inch Punch are identifying themselves with the Luvstep movement, the sky appears to be the limit! 

What happens to be your biggest challenge? Dunking a basketball. I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. :(

Will you take mixtape requests? Only from you, Isis Nicole!

Do you have any advice to aspiring artists? Find your own lane and express yourself without worrying about what the next person is doing. Be happy for other’s success and keep striving for your own. It’s not as if there’s a finite amount of success to be attained out there…it’s limitless!


Blood Bros