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Interview By: Isis Nicole

Meet Lili Nguyen, a 22-year-old certified nailporn star who puts the French in manicures, literally. She’s from Paris and she’s pimpin’ out nails with her kawaii-mignon designs found over at @thisisvenice. Check out her very first Nailporn interview after the jump while I go book my first flight to Paris.

Twitter: @ThisIsVenice

Favorite place to escape?
Anywhere the sun is! We don’t see it much here.

What is your art background?
I’ve always loved to draw instead of listening to my teachers back in school. I never took art classes or went to art school, I just draw what’s on my mind.

When did you start doing nails?
My very first take on nail art was in late 2010, and here I am now!

Is nail culture popular in France?
Not really actually. French girls are not really used to spending a lot of money on manicures, and everything that is nail related. They either go for a really classy red or nude pink nail, or you will see a lot of girls with chipped nail polish that don’t really care. Nail art in France has in ways been considered old fashioned or for country side girls but I think France is fortunately opening it’s mind toward nail culture again. 

What’s it like owning your own shop?
I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I’m so happy and so blessed or lucky, I don’t know, but either way I’m really thankful for everything. I feel like I’ve took a huge step on my adult life now. 

How do you set yourself apart from other nail artists?
I don’t know actually, I just follow my inspiration, continue to be myself and try to leave my little mark on girls nails. 

What inspires you?
As for my professional life, working and succeeding on my own. To make my own money, be my own boss and not waiting for someone to do the work for me. It is the same for my personal life, trying to be a real woman.  

What does it take to be successful in this world?
A lot of passion and patience. You have to believe in yourself, be humble, and never stop working. It’s never over. Success is a long trip you’ll never have worked enough.

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Since I like to call Suki Bedeauxmy aunt she insists on calling me nephew due to her liking of Snoop Dogg. But this interview isn’t really about that part of our acquaintance. This interview is about how Suki got into becoming a DJ, modeling for Meat, making a diss track to her ex, and squirting glitter. She was apart of THE REAL HEAT, back when Myspace was poppin!! AND up on that GIF ish when they were still titled ‘gifts’?!! She’s also been rocking the locks and bangs since before Rih Rih did. But anyway, see what the lovely lady who gets the London parties started had to share with the world after the jump!


Hometown LONDON 


Most Known For 
Being in The Real Heat, producing & DJing. 

Unknown For Baking Cakes. 

Sexiest thing ever done for you
The sexiest thing someone has ever done for me so far was when when my friend Nick whipped off his top while playing a fantastic guitar solo on my new single “Him & Me”. My ex used to dance around in his underpants for me as well. That was sexy! 

Devices you must have
I couldn’t choose one. All the devices I use are essential to my life, from my studio equipment to my Blackberry. 

Currently on your playlist 
I’m listening to Akon Konkrete Jungle Mixtape while I’m answering these questions and I just got Simian Mobile Disco You’re Love Ain’t Fair EP. Santigold’s new album is sick as well; Mr. Mitch, DOK, Medicine8, and Bonde Do Role are rocking my DJ box right now too. 

Weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you
Isn’t life just weird (laughs.)

Favorite place(s) to hangout 
My favorite places are home in the studio or in a good night club. 

Least favorite trend(s) 
Hmm I dunno. I don’t really keep up with trends. 

I was first introduced to you in Myspace days as a member of The Real Heat. As you already know, “Come We Go” was my jam and I was amazed by the ladypat visuals. Now your doing your thing as a DJ. What inspired you to do so? 
I always loved playing music and started out playing at friends parties. I got my first DJ residency in a strip club and me and my sister Zaza started Real Hot DJs as an off shoot of The Real Heat. Then I started doing it on my own, getting more gigs, and now I’m playing every Wednesday 10pm - 12am GMT on Nasty Fm. 

What was it like crossing over from girl group to becoming a solo artist, a DJ in fact? 
I love singing with my sisters but it’s fun to do my own thing too. When the band took a break I had all this time on my hands. When I started Djing I was already in the band so I put more energy into DJing and producing my own music. I’ve put out a mixtape a few months ago which can be downloaded for free from my website, and my first single is coming out soon. We just shot the video. It’s all really exciting! 

How do you determine what your going to mix? What inspires your art? 
I tend to go with my mood and tell a story with my selections. When I’m in the clubs I just read the crowd and love getting people dancing. 

Okay, so I don’t know if this is too personal or if it’s uncomfortable, just ignore the question if you don’t want to answer but what was the whole Bitch Boy thing you were flooding Twitter about? 
It’s okay I put it out there so I don’t mind talking about it. “Bitch Boy” is basically a diss track to my ex boyfriend. It was about a week after I’d dumped him for some wasteman behavior. Tictac had witnessed it all and channelled my anger that day and came with some fire lyrics and we cut the track. He’s put a hole in my heart so I just wanted to bruise his ego a little to tell the truth. It felt right at the time..I’ve spoken to him since and he’s got the message. We’re both over it now. 

What’s the most annoying thing(s) people do to DJ’s? 
Asking questions when I blatantly can’t hear them over the music. A lot of DJ’s find requests annoying but I don’t mind. If I got it, I’ll play it. 

Would you rather sexually squirt glitter or diamonds? 
(Laughs!) Omg you’re a joker! Glitter all the way! 

You also dabble in modeling! Catwalk for Meat?! Being photographed by Alis Pelleschi?! Tell me more!
Ahh yes they’re both amazing to work with! Modeling for Meat was my first catwalk. It was such a fun day! I got oiled up by two girls and they slid me into my costume. Modeling is great fun. 

Do you get your nailsdid or have any favorite nail artist(s)? 
I’ve had my nails did a couple of times but it gets in the way of playing the piano and djing and the patterns get chipped and all sorts. I just paint them myself to keep them looking pretty and presentable. 

What would you say has been your biggest challenge this far, and what are you doing to overcome it? 
My biggest challenge has been to quit smoking..and I haven’t done anything about it (hangs head in shame). 

How do you make the most out of  living in London and how would you describe its scene(s)? 
Being a musician it’s perfect to live in london ‘cos this is where its at! There’s so many scenes and cultures and it’s not about how you fit in it’s how you stand out! 

What do you want to be remembered for this year and in the future? 
I want to be remembered for the music I put out there, keeping it real, and staying true to who I am and what I believe in. [Also for] spreading love and making people dance with happy faces and saving the planet from bullshit.




i’m definitely one of etta bond’s newest fans. nobody told me she was a singer and everybody know how much i love music!

Interview By:

In the Sates, skank sounds more like some trashy rendezvous after too many shots of Tequila, but over in London, SXANK is the underground fashion, art and music scene for zealous youth. Run solely by triangle crazy, Apple-product geek, and brand builder, Samira John, SXANK aspires to grow beyond streetwear and into a mixed-media culture. In this Q&A, Samira discusses her inspiration behind SXANK, possible collaborations with nail artist Jenny Bang, and what to expect in SXANK’s future after the jump.

Samira John of SXANK





Most Known For 
My crazy ass temper in the clubs.

Unknown For
Being the one man band behind Sxank!

Top 5 vices
APPLE products, the London underground, being ‘anti-girly’, Instagram, and beans on toast!

Currently on your playlist
A$AP Rocky “Purple Swag” and “Goldie”, Stalley “Party Heart”, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q.

Least favorite trend(s)
Internet fame, and those chunky Jeffrey Campbell’s that all the girls wear these days, hideous!

I want to understand the spelling of SXANK! Tell me more about it!
Well here in London, we use the term ‘skank’ to describe dancing. We don’t dance we skank hard! (Laughs!) I just chucked in the letter X to make it look dope.

What’s the inspiration behind the collection and how did you prepare for your lines launch?
I don’t get inspired to be honest. I simply mess around on Photoshop creating patterns and shit, and it always turns out looking trill. The ‘Perspex’ chain is the creation I’m proud of most. Preparing for the launch was a hassle. I simply made sure I tweeted as much as I could and got a lot of people involved with promoting.

How do you source your fabrics?
I print on American Apparel t-shirts, buy them in bulk. And I get my perspex from a secret source here in London.

I’m guessing SXANK spends a lot of time spreading the word around London. What are the cool kids of your city into these days?
Yeh definately, if I’m not designing or making, I am promoting. I go to a lot of music events such as BUMP (@weareBUMP) in London. London is full of urbanites as I like to call them, especially East London, where I’m from. You won’t walk five minutes without spotting a snapback, Nike Air Max 90’s, and a gold tooth!

You also do jewelry. Can people get custom pieces?!
I don’t see why not! Drop us a email, we’ll speak business.

Would you consider this to be a celebration of youth culture?
Definitely! I’m just simply sharing the stuff that I’m into with everyone else and putting my own touch on it.

What’s the most challenging part of starting a clothing line and how do you overcome it?
MONEY!!! You need money to get started. My main job is my side bitch but Sxank is my baby.

What’s your fascination with nail art?! I’ve seen you shoutout Jenny Bang a few times. Does SXANK have a few collaborations with her?
Jen is a close friend of mine. She’s blowing up in London atm! Worked for Sophy Robson of NailPorn and a few others. You never know we might get into talks of Sxank patterned nails! Follow her on twitter @Love_Bang.

What do you want to be remembered for this year and in the future?
I want to be remembered for having the balls to start my own label, hope the success continues, and maybe collaborate with some other labels very soon.

What can people expect to come from SXANK this summer?
Snapbacks!!! Loads of more t-shirts and maybe even some backpacks on the scene.

What advice would you give to people rising off the internet?
To get OFF the internet!! There’s only so much you can do on here, it’s a good promotional tool but you need to get recognized in the real world. Meet as many people as you can. These days its all about who you know and networking.


clips from my camera of the nail porn crew big pimpin in brixton


ridin around in londontown on the bus