Music video for Bok Bok featuring Kelela. Art directed by Alex Sushon Produced by Nic Hamilton and Lane Stewart for Night Slugs. Premiered on Complex March 5, 2014.

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Interview By: Isis Nicole

If the nail art club had a night life Lushy, the wifi-wifey and founder of Tipset, a hashtag-famed-turned-based-babe-nail-wrappliqués, would reign HBIC. Find out her thoughts on Sharon Stone, Floss Gloss, and Nail Porn after the jump!

Sharon Stone or Cindy Crawford?
Cindy Crawford, and I don’t even like Pepsi.

What’s the most important emoji?
Dat wet wet💦 

On some #tbt s***, I’m jelz that I have not seen that MTV House of Style episode on Hard Candy. Was it good?
I used to want ALL of the rings that came with the Hard Candy polishes, but now I just wanna see that episode again. They showed you how to make your own nail polish, then I think I remember them painting the dresser with the polish or some s***. I don’t know. Hella DIY stee. Highly influential.

Tell us more about Tipset- what’s the motivation behind the nail wraps? 
The nail wrappliqués are an integration of my love for nails, design, and things I’ve picked up over the years.

Why/how did you decide on making them water-based?

Have you and Floss Gloss thought about collaborating?
I’ve gotten high and thought about it a million times and decided I would love to while sober. 

Whose hands are you dying to get Tipset onto? 
All the homegirls and my favorite rapper/drug dealer/pornstars/pinky coke nails.

What’s nail porn to you?
Nails that make you wanna holler, “TIPSET!”

currently working on my interview questions for director Spaghetto. the ss14 “IN” crowd issue is turning out even better than i dreamed. thank you to everyone who’s participating in this second issue, and thank you to everyone who has been supportive of this project. running a magazine feels like destiny, and i’m looking forward to many more. 


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February has been a whirlwind of up’s, down’s, and in-between’s. the shit-show-struggle got really real, but i’m almost at this month’s finish line with just a few hairs lost. can’t tell if it’s the winter that is thickening my skin, or if it’s life experiences grooming my strength and vision. 

in the meantime, i’m working very hard on issue #2 of theisisnicolemag—scheduled to feature Gita and messkid. time zones be a motherfucker, but both artists have been incredibly cooperative and kicked ass in their interviews. 

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one of my favorite interviews to date with the kid jacoboospina featured in issue #1 of theisisnicolemag available »here«

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