This was fun, thanks @YoungDuece for letting me help out with your video. Ha! And sorry I was so tired on the set. I can hardly tell with the editing though. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Young Duece will be releasing their much anticipated video for their single “Impossible” on June 17, 2011 at noon exclusively at

Everybody at 6S Media Enterprises, LLC is extremely excited to present this video and hear what you guys think about it!

Please share the video on your facebook walls, blogs, websites, etc. and help us get the word out about Young Duece and “Impossible”!

Young Duece will be performing LIVE in Cincinnati, OH at Fountain Square on August 27, 2011 at 7:00pm. Please come out and show your support!

Check out all of Young Duece’s videos at

*Please note, that this is not an actual event that you have to “attend”. The video will be released on and

Here is a link to a little of what happened behind the scenes. I don’t think it serves the video justice because I’ve already seen it and it’s just that good. I hope to be apart of the next project with a much better look.

[Via Young Duece - “Impossible” Video Release]


I don’t know how much longer until the release of “IMPOSSIBLE” is over but this was a fun video to watch of what went on behind the scenes with Young Duece. That picture above is of me smiling, avoiding the awkwardness of HD. Too clear yo!

If you interested, click here for more behind the scene goodies <3

Over break I got to kick it with the @Young Duece fam && I cannot wait for this video to be finished! I’ve done a couple of intro’s for them on their mixtapes (FYI: I’m not a singer, I just talk!) but this will be my first cameo. It was definitely unexpected. Like I knew that I was gonna be on the set but NOT one of the main features. Once I got over being in HD it was a lot of fun. It took 2 days to shoot on such short notice, however that’s the business and I have no doubt that it’ll be fab. Excuse me. Dope. It was nice meeting some new folk and also seeing familar faces. We’re this close yall, keep posted :-) xxo

The girl Glory V, my brother Mannymarshrooms, and @Young Duece Milly Ricks looking dead at me literally. LULZ! It was a longgg day.