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illy Lussiano, a hair artist wonder woman who hopes to positively impact the lives of all girls, is by far one of the sweetest people I’ve ever interviewed. I actually came across her in September when I was on this massive Euroasian hair search, which she probably doesn’t remember! And now she’s on my list of bloggy love. See how life works?! In this Q&A illy Lussiano talks inspiration, a history with mixed hair textures, sex friendly hairstyles, wanting to work with Disco Nail + Eriko Nakao, and more after the jump!

illy Lussiano


(Laughs) Almost as young as I look.

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Most Known For
I’m not really sure. (Laughs) I’ve encountered so many people in my life and they all probably know me for something different *shrug*

Unknown For
All the things I keep to myself. (Laughs) lf I tell you they won’t be unknown anymore.

Sexiest Place You’ve Ever Been
(Laughs) I’m not really the “sexy” type. “Cute” is more my speed.

Sexiest Hair Style
You can never go wrong with one of my blow drys, but the sexiest is hair that makes a woman feel comfortable and confident!!!

Top 5 vices
I really can’t say I really have any vices… not my kinda thing.

Currently on your playlist
Mavado, Nipsey, Jah Cure, C. veggies, Future, etc. Mostly Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B. 

Least favorite trend(s)
My least favorite trend is seeing all these great hair ideas that girls create themselves but execute HORRIBLY!  I just wanna give them my card and do it the RIGHT way!!!
But… I really just don’t enjoy seeing people who are uncomfortable in their own skin… forget a trend just do what you like and what works for you. 

How important is the existence of the illy Lussiano and what does your art represent?
Bringing it upon myself to take the time to individually connect, build, help and educate girls and women all over the world is very important. Setting out to help others find themselves and claim or reclaim the confidence that they may not know they have or have lost is huge. A world full of happy woman and girls will be a beautiful place. 
It’s not easy being a woman in 2012 and I think sometimes we forget we’re all going through the same struggles and can be of help to one another, weather we want to admit it or not! If unity can start with something as simple as hair so be it.

When did you start doing hair?
According to my mom I’ve been doing hair since I was about five and cut my “My Size” Barbie’s hair into a Bob (laughs) But I’ve been in the industry for about six years.

Who comes into the illy Lussiano shop?!
I wish the sign out side the shop said “illy Lussiano” but I’m not quiet there yet. (Laughs) In due time. But my clientele is pretty all over the place. Very diverse and that’s definitely something I love!

What’s the inspiration behind your styles and how do you prepare for each design?
Each client inspires the style I give them or we collaborate to come up with [something]. Everyone sees themselves a particular way in their mind, and often don’t know how to bring that to reality so the world can see them for who they really are. It’s my job to help make that reality with all of my clients. 

I prepare by actually getting a feel for my clients, talking with them via email or text (mini consults). Then they come in for their appointments and we do a full blown consult so at this point we have already established a level of trust and comfort. This allows for my clients to be open and honest about what they really want to know about hair and what they want their hair to look like. 

Do you have any particular hairstyles that remain to be your favorite or long lasting?
In all honesty I just love to see healthy hair that moves and really brings out the beauty and key features of a woman. Not everyone that’s had a haircut has had a “real” hair cut, but when you do you’ll know. (Laughs) Your confidence will hit overload.

I consider you to be innovative and much needed to fashion/entertainment working with all types of hair. Does it come in handy being an expert to different textures?
Thank ya lady. I find it to be a blessing that I can relate to everyone. Years ago I had so many hair questions go unanswered, or was turned away because a stylist didn’t know how to handle my texture and I was always torn between what kind of salons were right for me. Black, Spanish, white. etc? Having family and friends that look similar to a box of crayons made it very clear early on that I needed to know how to do ALL hair textures. Also being that I’m multi-racial like many girls today, there are certain things that I have faced in my hair journey that other stylists simply can not relate to or truthfully speak on. There really hasnt been anyone in the hair world who has spoken truthfully on what it’s like to have hair that stems from multiple ethnicity’s or been through a “hair journey”, speaks from experience, has taken the time to learn and care for  ALL textures, that also has an extensive art and hair education to back it all up! A lot of things need change and I’m more than happy to  light that fire.

What’s your favorite hairstyle you’ve coined or created?
(Laughs) I’d say my dreads and blondes! I love creating blondes. Sounds strange I’m sure but if you know anything about being a blonde you know it’s very hard to achieve a natural look on all skin tones. And my dreads because I put my heart and soul into creating them, their my babies!

How do you set yourself apart from other hair stylist/colourist?
I think a lot of people call themselves hair stylists and never earned that title. I call myself a hair artist because this is my artistry. I take all of my creative skills (painting, sculpture, colour theory, theatrics…) and put it into my work. The same seriousness that doctors and lawyers put into school I put into educating myself on hair and people. I take what I do very seriously. It’s more than just hair to me. Often times I have clients who really put their trust into me with helping them through good, bad, and tough times to help them find themselves. At the end of the day I genuinely care about my clients and their happiness. 

Why don’t some guys understand look but don’t touch?
(Laughs) Unfortunately not all men have home training or manners but I’m a firm believer that you give off energy that deserve and demands respect you shall receive. 

Are there any sex-ready or sex-friendly hairstyles?
(Laughs) Ohhh gees! Girls are always saying how much their boyfriends love their messy buns, so maybe start with that and end with it down and wild. Keep it simple.

I’m a fan of weave. It’s one of the coolest accessories and I get so excited walking into a hair store or cyber shopping. Where would you say is the best place to hair shop?
…Ehh I’m really disappointed in the weave market right now to be honest.

Have you seen Disco Nail weave nails on Eriko Nakao?!
YES! I want to work with both Disco Nail and Eriko Nakao!!!

Do you feel like there’s a hierarchy of natural hair?
I feel it’s crazy how much more judgmental it has made woman of one another.

What does it take to be successful and motivated in this business?
Everyday is a learning process but for me God, patience, the people, balance, and doing what I love for the right reasons and the bigger picture keeps me going. 

What’s the most challenging part of making a name for yourself and how do you overcome it?
The most challenging part is getting the world to see things as you see them. Having patience, never giving up, staying true to myself, and staying humble are helping me get over this mountain.

What do you want illy Lussiano to be remembered for this year and in the future?
If people were going to remember me for anything this year I’d like it to be for my progress. I still have a hard time believing the things I’ve seen, done, and accomplished this year! (Laughs) So many blessings. And in the future I’d like to be known for my hard work, honesty, warm heart, bringing women together, educating, changing lives, creating jobs for others, and getting as many people in the world as I can to experience happiness.


me and @personal_jinxs. working on my blue haired journalist look.

I want to experiment


Hair did!

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black hair magazines

Ohh how you break my heart… after sitting Barne’s & noble’s for a few hours and going through the black hair magazines they had to offer, all i could do was shake my head and be disappointed.

They Only Mentioned:

  1. Horrible representation of “women of color”
  2. So much photo shop you can’t tell if the women are cartoons or not
  3. 70% old recycled photos
    Product adds
    random celebrity interviews

    Hair info
  4. poor quality of photos and so much repetition
  5. random out of style fashion tips

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