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okay, i’m having a moment. i just have to say… it’s crazy, sexy, cool waking up to gitaspeaxdaily showing The Isis Nicole Magazine love. like lil icy has chills! it’s literally just myself reaching to every artist i’ve ever interviewed- so when they respond i can’t even! just two years ago i played the f*** out of ‘hood rich’, and this year GITA herself is down with my dream. i feel like a very lucky girl. i don’t know why things happen the way the do, but i’m grateful. and i have to stop running away from myself becz obvi there are so many people who believe in me. k, i’m done. back to working on them pretty ass figures <3

February has been a whirlwind of up’s, down’s, and in-between’s. the shit-show-struggle got really real, but i’m almost at this month’s finish line with just a few hairs lost. can’t tell if it’s the winter that is thickening my skin, or if it’s life experiences grooming my strength and vision. 

in the meantime, i’m working very hard on issue #2 of theisisnicolemag—scheduled to feature Gita and messkid. time zones be a motherfucker, but both artists have been incredibly cooperative and kicked ass in their interviews. 

i’m off to see some beluga whales [my second favorite whale on the planet] TTYL 



finally got to meet cutie pie Gita at the TW magazine porty!

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