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Omg! It’s chalanebauzo & friends featured in my latest issue of theisisnicolemag now available for preorder. Read the full interview »HERE«
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Photography | Ian Connor, Chalane Bauzo, ATL, SXSW by chalanebauzo | Design | damonshuler 

das my magazine & nail decals.
dis magazine & nail decals is made 4 you.
preorder theisisnicolemag special summer issue #2 »here«
***limited offer***

this makes me so happy to be able to write out letters and prepare to deliver things that i’ve been creating. thank you so much for making theisisnicolemag possible <3 

#Preorders of The Isis Nicole Magazine comes complete with a photo print, thank you letter, custom nail art decals by Sara M. Lyons x myself, and stickers for a limited time only.

Take a look inside music & art throughout LA• NYC • LONDON • PHILLY • CHICAGO • ATL • STOCKHOLM • PARIS • SEOUL • SHANGHAI • DENVER, in this double cover summer issue available » here «<3 

19 copies left. Friendly reminder that once it’s gone, it’s gone 4ever. 
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I’m just here writing out some thank you letters, organizing stickers & custom nail art decals by saramlyons for theisisnicolemag
available with your purchase of theisisnicolemag issue #2 »here« 

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very special letters, prints, nails and hand gifts given to me, a lil girl from ohio. all the love i’ve been receiving from spain, LA, tokyo, london, chicago…never not grateful.

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@isisnicole x @personal_jinxs in THAT’S TOTALLY IN! THE ADVENTURES OF ISIS NICOLE ILLUSTRATED BY SARA M. LYONS. 2 girls 1 love type s***! 💕💕💕

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Tipsy treats from Diosa! I forgot to take a picture of all the nice letters we receive :( 

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I had a nice Christmas. Good food, good drinks, great family. Having my cell phone break on me sucked, but I should be able to fix all that today. I also can do w/o this lowkey cold. My friend Akee got me Thierry Mugler Alien (l’art de se reveler) and it smells so lovely. It’s a new experience to my sensory, as I was expecting Mugler’s ‘Taste of Fragrance’ but seriously, L’art de se reveler is mysterious and clean. I just have to let it sit. Oh and the shimmer lotion (to add radiant glow) is killer!

Not only am I a huge fan of emails, but I’m absolutely in love with gifts and goodies I get in the mail. Today I received a gift from @Sistargirl, and these heart knockers are bomb as f**k!!!! The letter says,

"Thanks for always helping promote my work <3 Lei". Aww, I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

I also got my newest goods from Dimepiece Designs and my 8oz weave from Far East Tress too. I’m bouta be looking fly!

t-shirts make it to my place but rarely get worn :-/ HOWEVER! i figured i could at least take a picture of the super duper cute gift i got back in October as a TLD (the lipstick diaries) writer from Pauline. Thank you Drama for sending me and the other gals Young & Reckless goodies, it’s much appreciated :-)

So i was asked to meet up with Dirty South Joe wayyyy early this morning which was like “f**k yeah! this is great news.” but anyone who knows me will testify that i am not a morning person. and on top of that i had shit to take care of. buhh anyway doe…i played my cards right and got to catch up with DSJ & Flufftronix before they left. perfect goodbye? a freaking Luvstep tee x Luvstep 2 hardcopy mixtape delivered by the homie himself. MAD DECENTTTTT. What happens when you f**k with something so hard?? a gift of appreciation. LUVSTEP 4 DAT AZZ. LULZ! Thank you xxo