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How does Luvstep compare with dubstep and the aggro/brostep stuff made by dudes like Skrillex?

Dubstep’s a major part of Luvstep, but it’s not dubstep. And, you can be out brostepping all day long, but eventually you gotta go home to see your girlfriend or your wife. Luvstep’s futuristic make-out music—it’s what’s for dinner after a hard day of brostepping. But the brostep thing is cool because kids are always gonna love loud and noisy music. It’s filling up arenas all over the country, which never would’ve happened 10 years ago. It’s awesome.

Luvstep’s more romantic?

Definitely. People were having sex during our last rave in Minneapolis. I didn’t see it, but the promoter told us a couple was just going at it. I heard they let them finish. A couple in Buffalo told me they fucked all the time while listening to us. That’s amazing. It’s a sign Luvstep’s working.


Dirty South Joe interview in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly! (Click the wolf face for the article).

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