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<3 my article on disco-nail (2012)

one night i was stuck on my own blog

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Furla - Candycool Tokyo from Collateral WEB on Vimeo.

i just experienced a powerful connection that gave me chills. the questions why? and why not? UGH so marvelous. serendipity is always speaking. two women who i have had the pleasure of encountering (i interviewed Misha + wrote about DISCO for tipsy) are together for this visionary piece made for Vogue. personally speaking, it’s so incredible to watch.

the correspondence in nature and time is undeniably awesome. sometimes i fail to give myself enough credit but this video is a reminder that i should not fear what i have been building on all along. every dot, every moment, every interview, every blog post, every party, everything…it all counts. it all matters. i am on to something, no scratch that, i been on to something! i think the chills are coming again from the feeling of purpose. check out #candycool here.

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Teaser of my upcoming colouring book (including nail decals) illustrated by @saramlyons ft. special moments of my life, like this one with @disco_nail!

worldwide women. me and the girls!

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i had the honor of interviewing misha of tokyo fashion diaries for tipsy.

i also did a writeup on DISCO which landed her on the cover of tipsy zine.

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playing with my @disco_nail @Sister_Tokyo @vllivlli nail wraps from tokyo. it’s so bitter sweet as they are one of a kind, yet so pretty. OH and before i forget. i’m using the soak in foil technique to remove the glitter from my nails. it’s a crazy stupid relief, especially since i’m running low on polish remover and i hate scrubbing glitter off of my nails.

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