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my view of cincinnati from the megabus

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The Wake Up Call is an upcoming documentary by @_KoshJelly that shares the stories of Matt Tomamichel, DJ Clockwork, Air Kalo, and Floyd Johnson, all noteworthy names and creators by way of Cincinnati, who made something of themselves in this world. I can’t wait to see it. I need a date, my nailsdid, and my recorder! Congrats on all your hardwork Josh.

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i love seeing older women rocking nail art. these ladies came prepared to show off and show out.

The @CNDWorld girl friend nail buffers and @DiosaNails polishes came in handy last night for @tipsyzine! The ladies were in love with the natural shine and colours.

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@msz_key knows it’s not a nail art party w/o @nailgasmdoc! 

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Huge thank you to @mstnailsz @tnailsz, Cheyenne, and Jahmesha for all their help last night! My girl @YamanushiMomo browsing through @tipsyzine while getting her nails did. 

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last night emilia, @nique_micole and @miskiki came out to support @tipsyzine, getting their nailsdid at the function!

Aww I’m getting all mushy. My cousin PJ of Young Duece giving words of 6S! 

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Shina Hollywood is like the happy medium for both boys and girls who want to see sex in motion. No not like porn. I mean sexy jpegs, gifs, and advice. She’s assertive, confident and kind, aka a triple threat for those of you who don’t take personalities (attached to beauty) for granted. After the jump, get to know more about blogger Hollywood in Cincinnati in my latest interview. I was so excited for this because I got to experiment with my inner Angela Yee (ode to Lip Service) and play around with graphic design. But that really is Shina’s ass doe!


Shina Hollywood


Cincinnati, OH





Most Known For

Being sexual.

Unknown For 

My love for photography and wanting to be entertainment reporter.

Sexiest thing someone has done for you?
Being able to take complete control in bed. There’s nothing like a man who knows exactly what he’s doing and does it well.

How did you get the name Shina Hollywood?
Pretty funny you asked, (laughs). I actually was on Myspace trying to find a name for myself that describes who I am. “Shina”, apart of my real name which is Yashina, and my dream is to live in Hollywood and become a entertainment reporter. I put the two together and became Shina Hollywood. 

I was recently introduced to your blog, what’s the story behind it, why it was created, and why is it important?
I created this blog because I’m completely fine with nudity and controversial things. The story behind it is for people to know that it’s okay to be sexy and feel free in your own skin. It’s important for women and men to know that if you like to show your body off then do it. I feel no one should judge you because it’s not their place to judge. I feel good in my own skin, I love to show it off. 

Why did you choose to make your content less explicit than it was before?
I got a lot of shit for being overly sexual. I said I was going to be less explicit but I was like fuck that, I’m going to do whatever  I want to do. I’m a sexual person, I honestly can’t help that. 

It’s pretty obvious you have a fascination with sex, what was the moment that sparked this sensuality?
Hmm. Well they say after you lose your virginity you will be addicted. I believe I was the few who are addicted. I mean sex is the best way to relieve stress, I live a stressful life (laughs). I believe everyone should have sex everyday…it will make the world a better place.

Have you had a pretty successful sex life, as in, no faking?
There was one guy I was with who was completely awful, and some who were completely amazing.  But YES I’ve faked before. Who hasn’t? 

Between the subjects of sexing, cuddling, and cuffing, which is your favorite topic to discuss and why?
Sexing is something I feel comfortable talking about and also cuffing. I know cuffing season is in effect right now but I’m glad to already have someone special in my life. 

What’s the weirdest request you’ve had from followers since blogging?
Showing my whole body naked. That’s something I will not do on the internet. If others want to do it then that’s fine, but I just know that wouldn’t be a good look for me. 

Has being so open with your private life ever challenged some of your relationships?
Well my boyfriend is pretty cool with the social sites I’m connected with. He’s been by far the best to handle all the shit that comes my way. My past relationships cared only because they were completely controlling and psycho. 

Has anyone ever overstepped your personal boundaries? Like trying to grab your boobs for instance or any kind of experience that’s just like, oh hell no
(Laughs) Oh my God yes! I remember in middle school I started puberty early and all the boys would try and grab my boobs. Complete disrespectful. Now that my body is maturing men want to grab my ass. I literally smacked the shit out of this guy before. My motto is, “you can look, but you can’t touch.” 

Any suggestions on how to express your “inner freak” whether online or to your partner? It seems like there should be some type of etiquette because there are some people who get hella raunchy behind the computer screen or face to face and it’s like, this person has no class and or clue.
I feel you should just be yourself! Don’t over due it. If you do too much you can mess up. Everyone should get to know what they like themselves. They should masturbate. Once you figure out what you like then you can express to others how you like things done. It becomes easier to become a freak because you already know what you like and what they might like.

Any opinion on sex with no strings (which we all know is a lie!!!)? 
If you’re having sex with someone that isn’t your boyfriend or girlfriend, there has to be some type of feelings there. All that friends with benefits is complete bullshit. I don’t believe in it.

What blogging trends would you like to see disappear? 
Cyberbulling. If someone posts a picture people shouldn’t be posting rude and nasty things about them. It’s better to not say anything if you don’t like the picture. People actually kill themselves when people say mean things about them on the internet. 

Is there ever a challenge with dating?
I’m picky! Your  teeth have to be right,  you need a car, a job, and at least be in school. That’s just to ask me on a date. Hopefully by the end of the date I can see weather or not your personality is worth a second date.

What kind of guys are you attracted to?
I’m attracted to human beings. Most people would call it bisexual but I call it bi-curious. I love all types of people they just need to be outgoing, fun and daring. But for the guys part they have to be motivated and have goals. They must have their own and be able to bring something to the table. I love aggressive men, someone who will put me in my place. He also needs to be a gentleman and good-looking with a great smile. He should know how to make me laugh and be able to console me through hard times.

What turns you on?!
A man that smells good. That’s like the one thing that excites me when I meet or date a man. If he smells good I know for sure I’ll be attracted. The smile is something that turns me on as well. If you have a great smile and smell incredible oh gosh the panties my drop! (Laughs) Just kidding.

Where do you want to see your future and status of your blog in the upcoming new year?
I hope to get more people on board with the freedom of sexuality. I want to be able to help others with their sex lives if they have any questions. 

A successful life for you would be

Becoming an E! News Reporter with a beautiful family. 

Any advice to aspiring artists? 
Be who you are, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything you set your mind to.

This was fun, thanks @YoungDuece for letting me help out with your video. Ha! And sorry I was so tired on the set. I can hardly tell with the editing though. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

My friends and i made it out to the square as soon as Javelin closed and OMG I was so hurt. But we did get to catch Yeah, You’re Awesome. I also got a bit more information on what Mid Point Fest was. Apparently it’s Cincinnati’s version of SXSW, and they bring all these different acts (this year including Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Xiu Xiu, Twin Shadow, Big Freedia, Neon Indian, Bear Hands……the list goes on) for free up until the closing concert which I think is around $30 in various bars around the city. I’m absolutely excited!!! This will definitely hold me over as I wonder if Scribble Jam will be back around?

Behind the scene photo/video shoot today with @YoungDuece and I will add that it was a fairly nice outside in Chicago. Both the photography && videographer were kinda hot upon peepin their goods: skateboards & good music. delicious! Was around so much talent, now I’m back to my chill ass weekend.