Interview By: Isis Nicole

Photography By: Virgil Solis

Meet ShowYouSuck: a 28-year-old dragon by way of Bellwood, Illinois, who loves pasta and 80’s boobs. In celebration of his all wavy everything premiere, we discuss what it means to be a #DUDEBRO, not smoking the weeds, and Taco Bell.


Favorite place to escape?
My couch.

What was your best date ever?
Going to the zoo, then people watching at some random place, and watching bad T.V. on the couch.

What’s probably the biggest misconception(s) about rappers?
I don’t think there are any real misconceptions nowadays. There are just as many “weirdo” rappers as there are “regular” rappers. There’s maybe a misconception that we all smoke weed. I don’t smoke the weeds. 

What’s a #DUDEBRO?

A Dude Bro is a young person who has yet to unlock their full potential. 

What’s some shit you would never do?
Wear Trukfit or rap with a live band. 

What is your art background?
I took quite a few drawing classes in my day. [Laughs.] Nowadays I’m just a dude with good taste surrounded by people with a lot of talent!

When did you start getting recognized for your craft?
I’d say around 2006. 

How do you set yourself apart?
I’m polite, on time, and I always keep a sunny deposition. 

What do you have lined up for the summer?
Going to the zoo. That’s really it so far. I’m not much of a planner. 

What keeps you inspired?

Cool looking movies, photos, clothes, other cool songs. Pretty much when other people make cool shit it inspires me. 

How do you make the most out of Chicago?
Have a friend with a car so you can get to a Taco Bell.

What do you want to be remembered for? 
Being RAD.


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Interview By: Kevin Quin
Photography By: Alexandra Barket

If you’re still sleeping on Chapman, it’s time to wake up. 2014 is the year of the Chap, and the NYC-based artist doesn’t plan on slowing down for anyone. Having worked with producers Saint and Felix Snow, the Chicago native has already released several impressive bodies of work including iChap Volume1, an 11-track mixtape boasting Chapman’s playful rhymes and aggressive delivery, which can especially be heard on his remix of PTAF’s Boss Ass Bitch. We caught up with Chapman to discuss his creative process, the state of queer rappers, and of course… Drake.

Kevin Quin: How did moving from Chicago to New York affect your creative vision? Is making music in each location different?

Chapman: I think being here [in New York] helped me learn about different types of music. I was just coming out of high school and going into college, and I had lived in Chicago my whole life. I think pretty much anyone can tell you that when you move to New York from another place, it changes you radically. The work ethic here is way more intense. People here are constantly moving and it just feels like a way more dense and busy place. There’s so much music coming through here and it’s amazing to have the opportunity to meet so many artists. I got to interview a lot of artists and become friends with them [which] growing up, I did not have my many artistic friends. [Giggles.] Most of my friends were like jocks, but I think now its actually helped me reflect back on living in Chicago. I can reflect on my time period growing up in my hometown, and write about that more because a lot of stuff happened that shaped me as a person. I really feel like I can speak on those things now that I’ve kind of lived them and I’m in a new space in my life.

KQ: What is your take on queer representation in Rap/Hip-Hop music? Do you think there’s a crucial need for more gay male and trans* artists?

C: I think there’s a crucial need for more gay and trans* everything. I see way too many straight people everyday, everywhere. I think that the queer representation in Hip-Hop right now is really… diverse, I would say. Think about it – you have Young Fly Red, and like that’s so different from anything that I would do. That’s a whole different perspective. I think that it’s still growing and it’s still new and it’s just open for us. From people like Le1f and Cakes Da Killa and Mykki Blanco, all of those people are the ones that pioneered this. Everything is really new, and I think people should really give it some time and allow all the gay artists to make these waves because there are a lot of gay and trans-people that are being recognized right now… at least in New York. I think a lot of people have international reach that are killing it, like Hari Nef. I mean, they are playing all around the world so… I think that… my take on it is there’s ways to go, obviously, but I would want people to have patience and confidence and really boost these acts and help them happen cause I do see it as being a revolutionary time for that aspect.

KQ: Fuck, marry, kill: Hulk Hogan, Drake, and Dylan Sprouse.

C: Definitely marry Drake because he is just the sweetest little thing on the planet. Beautiful. Jew. I love him. Um… I would… wow this just got awkward! I’m not going to say fuck Dylan Sprouse because we’re BFFs! But no really, we are friends and I feel like that would be awk to say. But he is a cutie. I would do it with Hulk Hogan. I feel like he has a lot in him still and could get it poppin’. He’s the fucking champ. Like I used to love fucking Hulk Hogan and like all those other wrestlers in… what was that? The WWE? Anyway. Hulk Hogan. Down.

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