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it was an absolute pleasure & privilege to be invited to pitchfork music festival over the weekend! s/o hiskywlkr. and thank you so much charne for being by my side. 

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issue n°2

photography, valeriejocelyn. design, damonshuler

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Photography | Ian Connor, Chalane Bauzo, ATL, SXSW by chalanebauzo | Design | damonshuler 

das my magazine.
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this makes me so happy to be able to write out letters and prepare to deliver things that i’ve been creating. thank you so much for making theisisnicolemag possible <3 

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Featuring Gita
Photography by Valerie J. Bower
Designed by Damon Shuler

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*Letter from the editor excerpt*

As you enjoy THE IN CROWD responsibly, please be aware that this is not a hot 100’s list. If you’re looking for hype, you’ve come to the wrong place. IN here, we’re pretty grounded; finding our way through life just like you. Each artist selected exemplifies a sincerity that makes the fangirl in me squeal, hence THE IN CROWD, as in, Isis Nicole’s kind of people. Of course there’s a splash of sex-cum-INTELLECT, some thoughts on emojis, and a look into the lives of Gita and Mess Kid (both featured on the cover), because it’s twice as good.

Mess Kid 
Andrew Aged x inc. 
Janine Lee x Floss Gloss 
Maria Pizzeria 
+ more

✓ Commes Des Fuck Over

✓ Seoul Searching |

✓ An Angel in LA

✓ On Cloud Nine

✓American Nail Hustle: Welcome to Brooklyn

✓Whoo Gives A Hoot

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the isis nicole magazine

photography | alysha ‘rumpshaker’ laurene. | designed | helennn koh 

issue no°1 available HERE

the isis nicole magazine issue no°1 available here

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