Now i know i’m not supposed to be a trader to my generation let alone my hometown but i think it’s okay for me to call it like i see it right?! Well with that said what the fuck is up with all these bullshit “cool kids” and their make believe party scene(s)? generally speaking graphic design seems to be the study of choice in a city of unused land, boring neighborhoods and nothing to do. and it should be of no surprise to me that so many people here have spent whatever amount of time perfecting frontin’ for sport: in other words, advertising things that are not. 

this isn’t the first place to do it nor will it be the last, but i still wonder when this follow the phony to live as a phony became acceptable? after living in chicago for a little over three years and to also have the opportunity to visit back home in ohio during school breaks i feel like i return to a place not so familiar. home was where i made a lot of REAL friendships with people with REAL intentions and REAL lives. and when we partied we didn’t need titles or categorized playlist lineups. but now with everyone’s access to all this instant gratification shit and lyric overdose on what it means to ‘be cool' things are just not the same and i'm not as down for going out. i literally spent most of this break at home having over invites, drinking, dancing, and catching up. perhaps it's my subconscious that won’t let me go to anything held at these clubs because it’s so blatantly wannabe hip i can’t stand to cough up free time or money just to stand around a bunch of thick black framed plaid wearing biters. i feel like i’m in a lil b song (specifically the soundcloud link above). lomography cameras and photo editors don’t mean shit boo boo!

anyways, no location is without flaws but in a lovely world, if someone could just make the effort to school these newly bred misinformed minds and remind them of how to be of something real with substance, they’d be a lot more respected and further in life. and i’m only bitching because this affects my nightlife during my breaks && i’d hate to have to always prefer my life in Chicago over home.

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

——-Herman Melville