Ayla ‘Brass’ Montgomery for issue no°1 of The Isis Nicole Magazine available HERE

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First look featuring photography by @WhoIsBRASS for The Isis Nicole Magazine volume 1.

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doing a lil reflecting today, i am incredibly honored to be acknowledged in two documentaries: NAILgasm, and The Wake Up Call. stepping my press game up, this is what dreams are made of.

Thank you @NailgasmDoc for the interview. It’s so crazy to see!


Have a seat at @AstroWifey’s nail shop as we talk nail art with nail blogger/journalist @IsisNicole.

Learn more about Isis Nicole at http://isisnicole.com/
Learn more about AstroWifey at http://astrowifey.wordpress.com/

Watch NAILgasm in its entirety at http://www.NAILgasmDoc.com
NAILgasm DVDs are available at http://nailgasm.bigcartel.com/

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here i am featured in @NailgasmDoc. ima tidy up my resume for the nailgasm network i predict to happen. note that i said prediction = prophetic noun, also known as an opinion! click here to watch becz i really admire what Brass is doing.

worldwide women. me and the girls!

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@YamanushiMomo and i know what’s up! #nailgasm

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@msz_key knows it’s not a nail art party w/o @nailgasmdoc! 

getting down with @NAILgasmdoc @flossgloss

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