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Maluca brought the heat to Chicago…or maybe it was a little bit of that LA sunshine from the traphouse. @Personal_jinxs and I were in love with her dress, turns out my girl @stellar_wutevr designed it.

I had been trying to get Maluca to get her nailsdid by @Astrowifey but idk if that ever happened. It was quite an adventure getting to the venue but fun with my friends as usual. Man…I love my second home.

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I beez tipsy in the trap with @zAKMATIC @stellar_wutevr @personal_jinxs

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story of my weekends. tell it maluca!

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Maluca by Terry Richardson for Happy Socks

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Lola’s move to the business


Me and one of my homegirls @miskiki had a conversation about the “magic” ebt card however, this magic don’t exist for me as a broke college student. Emphasis on the words broke college student. It’s not enough. But damn do I wish I could get groceries for free. The images above are from WEPASODA #1 FLY ON A BUDGET by Maluca.


to make matters worse, a friend of mine recently started working at one of the many farmers markets here in atlanta and she was going on and on about how she wanted the magic card that so many of her customers seemed to be using. 

“they just swipe it and they don’t pay nothing! how do i get one?”

low income. 

broke & fabulous

Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca “Que Que”

I cannot get over how ridiculously sexy Diplo is in this video. And I cannot get over how much style Maluca possesses. The little loco kids remind me of my youngest brother who is 7. Everything about this video is perfect. I wish I were in it.

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Maluca need I say how much I enjoy your music and seeing you all dolled up for W Magazine.  ??!! Oh and I have no idea where to find your threads by designer Luar Zepol so I gotta do some research on that.