the BEST mix you’ll hear all day. 

Courtesy of Tipsy Zine & DJ Guns Garcia!


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I was over my friend’s house soaking up @TipsyZine x Nail Bomb most of the weekend! This was me the morning after a long night.

@TipsyZine Bundles = what’s up! The free download of “Nail Bomb” by DJ Gun$ Garcia is available here. I like sipping on Sangria while reading Tipsy and listening to the mix all at once.

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Download a copy of Nail Bomb: The Tipsy Mix by DJ Gun$ Garcia. Click the picture above to get directed to SoundCloud for the free downloadable mix! The mix takes you through a venture on a puffy coastal journey a là Cloud-House. A merry musical cuisine to bring the first issue of Tipsy Zine and a Happy New Year. 

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@gunsgarcia is working on a super sick Tipsy mix for us. Twerk! (photo taken by @gunsgarcia) (Taken with Instagram)

Awesome choice. It’s gonna be badass y’all!

real human being and a real hero!


Bad Bitches Bomb First by Gun$ Garcia

If you’re one of those girls who can appreciate boss bitch anthems then Gun$ Garcia new live mixtape Bad Bitches Bomb First will do your ears and booty some good. It features an all female cast of artists including Maluca, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Lady, and M.I.A. I haven’t heard it on full blast just yet because my roommate is a lil party pooper. But from the volume it’s at now, I can tell with a few drinks and the music turnt up louder I’ma be gettin it in the mirror (I like to get hype before class). I wonder if Gun$ Garcia is going to do a part II of this. There’s just so much girl grind going on in all styles of music right now.


OUT NOW!!!! (Click my face for FREE DOWNLOAD!!!)

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David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe present: Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido (Moombahsoul meets Luvstep)

Moombahsoldier David Heartbreak & Luvstepfather Dirty South Joe present the perfect bridge between the sounds they’ve helped to popularize. Brick Bandits Philly first lady Regina “Gun$” Garcia takes the crown with a seamless 36 track mix featuring the best in Moombahsoul, Future Garage & Luvstep.

Who is Gun$ Garcia? What is Amor Prohibido? We’ll let Thug House pioneer Dances With White Girls tell the tale:

when i was in high school in philly there was this cute rican girl NOT GUNS GARCIA BUT ALMOST AS CUTE.. who went to the catholic school. little did i know that she was a sparkplug and i wasnt spanish or thug enough to be with her even with her flirting and she got pregnant. and i used to have a thing for english black girls who like grime and dubstep. but this has nothing to do with this mix. except that this will take you to the barrio and back and bring u the man/girl of ur dreams who will merenque your heart out on the graves of dead footsoldiers in the war on drugs. and then fly u first class with a bottle of proseco to the best basement party in london that also looks like the party scene in layer cake. AND IM THERE….”

*So there is definitely more to ^what’s above^ but I (Isis Nicole) decided to cut it out and insert my own words to tell you what the f**k you’re about to get into. I got "David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe Present: Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido Mix
  in an email this week from Dirty South Joe…(oh so dirty) and it came right on time. It was blazing out, I needed a new mix, pressed play, and the aggravating sweat that clung to my body and clothes turned into a sexy wet t-shirt music video. Seriously, prior to the background music I looked stressed & gross. I hate sweat. At that moment I should have had a camera just to show the transformation from sad to bad! I ain’t spanish but I know Selena when I hear it, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t turn it off. Always always pay respect to a queen. For me, the mix really starts bumpin @ 15:14, so on and so forth. I love the whole thing. Thank you so much DSJ, Brick Bandits and Mad Decent for always hooking me up and showing me love!!!!! You definitely blessed my soul with yet another keeper. I LUH YOU’S!!!!!!

David Heartbreak & Dirty South Joe Present:

Gun$ Garcia - Amor Prohibido Mix

Moombahsoul meets Luvstep