my decision to put back up the gofundme page of theisisnicolemag took some major consideration as it still has yet to be completed and you know what, i still feel really good about this. for some reason, somehow, i have faith that it’ll come to fruition. 

at times the demand gets overwhelming because i often feel like i’m by myself and i don’t know who to turn to for help. or maybe it’s that i don’t know how to properly ask for help. either way i slice it, i can use some help. 

in my eyes, achieving this goal can create newfound opportunities for the artists involved, newfound perspective on independent editorials for our awesome readers, and newfound aplomb type feelings for me. 

i know that there are people waiting on their copies, and i want to be able to give it to them. i know that there are stores waiting on their copies to shelf, and i want to be able to provide them. 

maybe i’m making things harder on myself. maybe things are much more simple than i’m realizing. or maybe not. if there was a button that would tell me how to operate my position as an editor, i sure as heck would push it. but there isn’t one. my strategy as of late is to take each day as it comes, and make the most of it in the most practical way this here old sensitive daydreamer can do. 

so yeah, i say all of that to say, if it’s in your heart and you have some time to donate and share with other supporters who would be interested in helping/pledging too, don’t be a stranger to the gofundme page:

i truly appreciate it. 


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Interview By: The Isis Nicole Magazine

Back at the start of February in 2012, I had been officially introduced to DJ Siobhan Bell (by way of London) at a Nail Porn party that we both attended at BUMP in Brixton. Fast forward to my wanderlust trip to New York in February of 2013, Bell had also been in attendance as a guest DJ for what I recall as Bible Study at the former If Mom Only Knew in the Lower East Side. As you can imagine, the coincidence became robust. I couldn’t get over the allure of all the odds during each winter. T’was real cooooool. *bad winter pun* and now she’s doing me the honor of a SS14 interview. Join in on our girl talk as Bell shares her bits about groupies, chicken wings, and spinning for Nasir Mazhar in 3, 2, 1… 

Isis Nicole: Can we start with two truths and a lie?

Siobhan Bell: I have 23 tattoos, so far… I sew in my own weave, and I own a Jeep [which is] not really a lie just hasn’t happened yet!

IN: How do you make the most out of London?

SB: Have lots and lots of money. 

IN: What’s your dream job?

SB: To own a hot wing truck with seven different hot wing varieties.

IN: Who’s your current crush?

SB: Just a little one on Rejji Snow. 

IN: Which girl group would you have most likely been in, Cleopatra or 3LW?

SB: This is tough. I do love Cleopatra but defo I would have joined 3LW.

IN: What’s your favorite Favorite American food?

SB: Wingstop in New York!

IN: What’s your favorite thing to do in NYC besides eating Crown chicken and drinking Strawberita’s?

SB: [Chuckles.] That’s all I do, eat as much chicken and pizza… its hard not too. I’ve never seen so many options of fast food joints so I need to try everything. 

IN: Worst party experience ever?

SB: When there’s a really shitty DJ [it] really hurts my vibe.

IN: Do lady DJ’s have groupies?

SB: Hell yes.

IN: Have you ever hooked up with one?

SB: [Laughs.]

IN: Have you tried any dating apps like Tinder?

SB: [Laughs.] Yeah I actually signed up to Tinder when I was in New York just for jokes, then I came back to London had to delete it ‘cause I kept seeing people I knew on there. Too embarrassing.

IN: Can you describe your most humble moment?

SB: I’m always humble.

IN: What’s considerably the biggest misconception about DJ’s?

SB: ‘Cause I’m a girl, that I can’t DJ. [Laughs] I can very well better then some men.

IN: What is your background?

SB: I started off studying Law and just couldn’t concentrate. I knew I was meant to be something else so I went into PR, as I’m a social butterfly, and was really good at networking. I interned at public relation companies and Atlantic Records [but] I still didn’t feel a connection. While I was figuring  out what I actually wanted to do and be I took on DJing as a hobby. My first public DJ set was every Sunday at Niketown, and from there things just kept coming. I loved it! 

IN: How did you get introduced to Niketown?

SB: I literally just walked in the store and asked to DJ simple as that! 

IN: Your frequent commute goes from London to NYC. What’s it like DJing in both the USA and the UK? 

SB: I’ve only visited New York and Washington D.C. so I haven’t really explored enough, but New York is amazing with its cultures within different parts. London is of course my home. I love the diverse music we have such as Grime, House, Jungle, Garage and Drum and Bass. 

IN: Have you performed in other places like Paris or Berlin?

SB: So far I have DJ’d in Dubai, Amsterdam, Paris and of course NY but I will definitely be traveling more. I really want to go to Atlanta. 

IN: Do you prefer playing at a lowkey party or a fashion show?

SB: I like both. Fashion stuff are really cute but I can turn up properly at a party and make people twerk. 

IN: What was it like spinning for fashion designer Nasir Mazhar?

SB: It was really amazing, I love Nasir! I was excited and nervous when he asked. I actually thought I would just be DJing in the background somewhere but I was put in the show and in his clothing. 

IN: Are you a designer for Cat Footwear?

SB: I’m not a designer no, but I did submit a design and they show me lots of love by providing me with boots. 

IN: And lastly, what is your definition of success?

SB: To have patience because if you’re working hard it will come back to you sooner or later.

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The Isis Nicole Magazine Issue #1 designed by Helen Koh


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just us girls deep in our own thoughts and donuts. sex and the city makes everything better. 

i’m so honored to have interviewed powerhouse maria pizzeria for the second issue of theisisnicolemag coming SS14. she’s a wonderful girl doing wonderful things x

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