After a few hits and misses 18+ and I were finally able to get in touch over the telly to talk music and other sexy stuff, like their connection to Prada and how they find CGI strippers on Youtube. Just to get you up on speed if you ain’t already familiar, 18+ is a two piece group who might be based out of LA, but definitely of existence on the internet, also related somehow, but doesn’t give out too much information. Tricky and obscure at it’s finest right? I know! And I’m not going to lie, I was totally nervous on this one! Only because in my mind, 18+ is so anonymous and unusual and cool. What could they possibly have to say to me? But sure enough they spoke. Well, we spoke and you can see the words we exchanged after the jump.

18+ Boy: We got four bars. Four bars! How many bars you got?!

Isis Nicole: I have…three.

18+ Boy: Okay, okay!

Isis Nicole: How come 18+ is such a mystery?

18+ Boy: I don’t know. You don’t have to attach your personality to the internet.

18+ Sis: I think also it’s nice to give out little information about us individually and just kind of let what we make speak for itself.

Isis Nicole: Are you two related, like brother and sister or just like good friends?

18+ Boy: Ummm we’re related…

Isis Nicole: And are your names a secret? Would you tell me?!

18+ Boy: (Long scary silence) Uh, no.

Isis Nicole: Do you guys make your videos?

18+ Sis: We find them. They come from various sources online. We search different things like CGI strippers or CGI dancers, CGI beach getaway. We think that there’s enough out there for us to procreate that we don’t really have to make those ourselves to begin with. There’s enough for us to use and edit to our liking to match or not match our song.

Isis Nicole: What inspires your music? Because I feel it’s very sexual, you know? But like I love it.

18+ Sis: Thank you!

18+ Boy: Yeah it’s pretty sexual, but I think also since it’s anonymous we can operate in a bunch of different modes that don’t have to necessarily relate to who we are in our daily lives, we can address a lot of different subject matters. Then we can also take our real lives, like real relationships and not have it be weird for other people that are involved maybe.

Isis Nicole: How would you describe your sound anyway?

18+ Boy: It’s just like electronic-pop music

18+ Sis: my little brother was talking about it as ‘rap water’ and I think he kind of came up with that after watching the 'Drawl' video. He’s only 12-years-old. I kind of like that. There are formal ways to talk about it and then there are these lose terms that can be inspired by the way that the music is making you feel. And I think sexual is good. Anything that feels real is good, in terms of what we’re making. It’s nice to not be afraid to just say what we’re feeling.

Isis Nicole: You know how 18+ has links to Prada, is there a connection between you two and the fashion world?

18+ Boy: I guess so (laughs). They’ve given us money before. And possibly in the future they’ll be giving us money pretty soon.

18+ Sis: We came first. ‘Drawl’ happened and then Prada was interested in us. We’re kind of interested in seeing how this can spread across different worlds whether it be pop, art, or fashion. We’re interested in fashion, like that’s cool.

Isis Nicole: Are you ever going to follow anyone on Twitter?

18+ Boy: (Laughs) That’s a good question. Probably not. If we follow 1 person then we have to start following everyone. Like who would we not follow that follows us? That would just be rude.

18+ Sis: I think the only correspondence that people will ever see is that we correspond personally, not for the public. So like we send emails and we share what we have to share and we will reply to people on Twitter. I think it would be to be too much for us to pick and chose in terms of following people.

Isis Nicole: Will you guys ever be more tangible? Outside of the internet?

18+ Boy: Probably.
18+ Sis: Yeah.
18+ Boy: With the way things are going.

Isis Nicole: That’s kind of exciting!

18+ Boy: Oh yeah, it’s very exciting! We started practicing with our live setup within the past month, and we’ve been negotiating our first live show. As soon as it’s concrete we’ll announce it. But it might not happen.

18+ Sis: We are working at it and we are rehearsing. We’ve been busy.

Isis Nicole: Busy! That’s awesome. What are some 18+ challenges? Do you two have creative differences or trouble getting your name out there?

18+ Boy: No, we definitely haven’t had trouble getting our name out there. It’s all happened without our consent almost! The biggest challenge with the live show though is figuring out what it should look like. We’ve pretty much got it figured out how to actually perform the music, but even that will be difficult to do in front of people… kind of like private people. But it’s still a really fun challenge.

18+ Sis: We don’t really argue in terms of music. Either we like it or we don’t like it. And we can make different versions of things and go by what we feel. We’ve been really lucky to be given so many opportunities, but being able to manage everything and stay organized is a challenge as well.

18+ Boy: Also another challenge that we’ve both been facing is the need or the impulse to make or remake certain songs. Like people have a certain conception of what 18+ should sound like based on maybe 4 or 5 songs. Then the mixtape came out and there was a wide variety of sounds that some people liked and some people didn’t like. It’s weird. You have to sort of stay within a certain area to some degree but still challenge yourself and the audience. It’s weird having an audience at all honestly.

Isis Nicole: Well I definitely like your music. A friend of mine, Helen Koh, put me on to your music with the ‘Drawl’ video and I was just like ‘this is so weird, I like it.’ It all flows together very well. I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be something I could experience live outside of the computer.

18+ Sis: What do you imagine in terms of us being tangible. I’m kind of interested in an expectation?

Isis Nicole: I don’t know because it would have to have some kind of social media involved. Like those holograms and blur your faces out.

18+ Boy: Yo we’ll just have 2 holographic 2 PAC’s.

Isis Nicole: Are there any collaborations 18+ is hoping to do?

18+ Boy: Probably just people within our friend group getting involved. I personally like making collaborative beats for 18+ just because it’s a way for me to learn different ways of making music.

Isis Nicole: What are your least favorite trends on the internet?

18+ Sis: I want to be nice. I have a list but I don’t really want to answer that!

18+ Boy: (Laughing!)

Isis Nicole: I mean a list can’t be that bad.

18+ Sis: Keep logos away! I don’t know. I think like…I’m just maybe tired of irony in a certain form that’s been happening using the internet as a vehicle for that. I don’t want to get too specific.

18+ Boy: Yeah maybe like ironic appropriation in general. Because I can totally see how someone could think we also just ironically appropriate things to be cool or whatever. But I think widespread ironic appropriation of stuff sort of cheapens what we’re doing almost. So things that are very close to what we’re doing that lack integrity or something like that but still get widely disrupted is somewhat annoying.

18+ Sis: We’re really into sincerity being as real what real can be. Even with our recordings as well, not over producing things like ‘Drawl’—- as simple as possible and communicating exactly as we are.