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The charismatic California babe, Dannika Nichole, is Pretty Baked. After hustling up cupcakes for some extra cash on the side of her makeup artistry, a momentous blunt led to sushi which soon turned Dannika’s side hustle into streetwear for girls and the boys, thus Pretty Baked! In this interview Dannika talks about the start of her clothing line, how she balances mommy life and business, Syd of The Internet rocking her brand, and what she has planned for the future of Pretty Baked after the jump!

Dannika Nichole

Santa Maria


Website (COMING SOON!)

Most Known For 
Makeup artistry and designing clothes.

Unknown For
(Laughs!) I try to keep my personal life somewhat private [and] that’s kind of impossible these days with the internet. I am a mommy of a beautiful little girl, and when I’m not out doing makeup or designing I like to be lazy and watch Netflix all day with my boyfriend.

Currently on your playlist?
True TheFuture, A$AP Rocky, Kilo Kish, Speak!, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd, The Internet [just] to name a few.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you

(Laughs!) Female stalkers waiting outside my house for hours on me to get home.

Least favorite trend(s)
I don’t really like the word ‘trend’ because I don’t feel you should follow what everyone else is doing. BUT ladies, please wear clothes that FIT!! If you have overflow, let that garment go and buy something that fits. 

Where is your favorite place to go for peace of mind?
Anywhere I can hear the natural surroundings of nature.

How did you come up with Pretty Baked ?
I was actually baking cupcakes for some extra cash with of my close friends Jazzy J: I love you babe. One day we smoked a B, went to our fave sushi spot, tried to come up with a name for our cupcake business… and Pretty Baked came about! Thinking I can take on the world I started the clothing line as well.

Who is your collection for?
Anyone! If you like to smoke, bake, or eat cupcakes!

I’ve interviewed a few mommies who have recently started their own businesses. What’s a day in your life like being a mommy, makeup artist, and a designer?
It’s been pretty crazy this summer. My daughter is three so she’s been home with me all hours of the day. A normal day though would be waking up around 8 a.m. fulfilling every demand my daughter gives me, answering to emails for Pretty Baked, the bridal makeup, and other clients, designing, dealing with the screen printers, cleaning, and cooking.

At the end of the day putting my daughter to bed hoping she falls asleep by 10 p.m. so I can relax, design some more in quite, then try to stay up to have some alone time with my boyfriend. I’m on the road half of the week doing hair and makeup for weddings, and squeezing in shopping for Pretty Baked. (Laughs!) That’s just an idea…

What has been your biggest lesson learned since starting your own line?
(Laughs!) Don’t trust anyone. Keep your circle tight and do what you feel.

Who f***** up the Pretty Baked trust?
I’m still at the beginning of everything with Pretty Baked but have already felt like a majority of people only care about the cash flow. I really don’t give a f*** about anybody knowing who I am right now. I just wanna make cool shit! My time will come.

I know this is kind of random but, have you ever done makeup for porn stars?!
No! I would love to, I heard it’s good money. I recently tried working as a server at a strip club hoping to make the dancers my clients. (Laughs!) I didn’t go through with the job.

Are any rappers rocking your line exclusively? I can picture someone like Curren$y being pretty baked!
No not yet, but I laced up Syd from Odd Future and The Internet in some Pretty Baked so that was pretty dope. I have some artists on the rise who rep “PB” pretty hard (FoEz Up), but I would LOVE to see Curren$y in some Pretty Baked!

How did you meet Syd?
Through some friends of mine. One of my close friends has shot for Odd Future shows and sort of linked us all up. She’s a pretty down to earth person. Super chill! I’ve only kicked it with her once so [it’s] not like I’m trying yo say were BFF’s or anything!

Do you have any plans on opening your own bakery? Maybe like a boutique that mixes in deserts and design similar to Johnny Cupcakes?
INDEED! I want it all! (Laughs) To have a shop for Pretty Baked clothing and baked goods would be super awesome. I see big things in the future so we’ll see what happens!

What can people expect from “Pretty Baked” once it launches
Right now I’m just working on getting the name out there. Once I’ve accomplished that, I would like to start incorporating some fun, funky prints and garments designed from scratch. I am also working on a spinoff brand focusing on garments for ladies [only]. I’m really excited, there is so much in store.

Closing words of wisdom?

Stay true to who you are. Stay passionate about what you love, and keep doing what you do. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do anything. You can conquer the world. 

Stay Pretty Get Baked

Dannika Nichole

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