after reading a few stories juicer than Cosmo…like forreal Cosmo don’t come nearly as correct as IMBOYCRAZY, i started to think of my own escapades. which are many. but what can i say? i’m 21, single, and spent my coming of age years in a big city. i’ve met a lot of guys, had some free meals, and enjoyed good company. still no one makes me blush like this one dude who puts me on pause. straight poison, and i’m still interested. the cool thing is though, if i do come out of this spell alive, and we actually happen to make monogamous magic, i will be able to tell our story. ‘oh how did you met?’ well i got really drunk after breaking up w/ someone, and there was this familiar face posted on the wall staring at me. i even have the video to prove it! party was busted. i was beyond the point of no return wasted, and needed to be carried home. literally. i was a hysterical mess, crying and laughing at the same damn time. peeing in public. and the worst….throwing up on his arm (protected only by his hoodie). he returned me home safely to my homegirls. and i was pissed he didn’t come upstairs. today i don’t blame him! anyway, the next day i called to apologize and make breakfast as a sorry. he accepted my apology and munchies….and we’ve been talking ever since. true story bro!

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