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As some of you may already know, I consider @Lurkdat to be something like the yellow pages of the internet, and scrolling through her Twitter account I found Itzel Xoco—- a 19-year-old Hawaii rainbow goddess, wife of DJ/producer Munchi, and Solataire game beast who loves to make art. The only logical thing for me to do was follow and send for an interview request. And she was totally down! In this piece Itzel Xoco pronounced “ix-chill sho-ko” discusses her vices, least favorite trends, and what it’s like living in Holland. See more after the jump.

Name Itzel Xoco aka Rainbow Spice 

Hometown Makakilo, Hawaii

Age 19

Website /

Favorite blog(s) (Laughs) Honestly, I don’t read any blogs….

Most Known For 
Being born with the capability of not giving a fuck! (Laughs) Nah art, dance, bein’ the lil rainbow girl. 

Unknown For 
My on point dream deciphering and I can beat a game of Solitare in under 3 minutes.

Top 5 vices 
Killing my hair with colour, terrible Pop music from the 90’s, spam, the 2 tacos for $1 at fucking Jack In The Box, Twitter. 

Currently on your playlist
Hype Williams, Casey Veggies, Blaque, Big L, Juvenile, Melissa Ford, Mandy Moore, Clams Casino, RoxXxan, Amplify Dot, Rizzla, LE1F.

Trillest adventure(s)
Honestly, I wish I had the time to write a fuck load stories but I’ll just say I don’t let anyone punk me out. Not about the bitch life.

Least favorite trend(s)
Fucking triangles…get the fuck over em.

What is Itzel Xoco about and when did you start virtually displaying your art?
I’ve been putting random shit online for awhile but only until last year exactly around this time, did I start taking it seriously. I was in a Barnes&Nobles with my then boyfriend Munchi (we’re married now) looking at art books and I told him I would be the happiest if I could be an artist. He said why don’t you do it then? (Laughs) And I was like shittt, basically.

Your designs are so vivid with many celestial and ethereal elements. How would you describe your work and what’s your process of creation?
I would describe my work as colourful?! If I make anything there is always an explosion of colours. I hope my art is stimulating and connects people with their inner child. I like to make my art with a completely fresh mind. Not under any influences. I just like to be comfortable. I can make art anywhere.

Who or what do you find inspiring to your work?
Strong women, the thought of a free world, sdjfheproifpad colours, weird stones, metallics, trap shit.

Do any of your pieces represent your own sexual fantasies or is this just how you interrupt the universe?
Do I have sexual content in my pieces? (Laughs) Okay maybe my subconscious slipped out?

Have you seen any of your art on nails?

When is your concept clothing line Paws gonna drop?!
When I feel like it’s ready.

How do you make the most of living in Holland? What’s the scene like out there?
I only come here for 3 months a year. I use the time and gather as most inspiration as possible. I don’t know anything about the scene here but I went to a venue called WORM tonight in Rotterdam. It was amazing. The establishment is all about art, film and music. Tonight they were playing a short film. I didn’t see it though :/ I just looked around and read this neat as lil magazine. Come back to me in a few days and I can tell you about the scene here !

What can people expect to come from Itzel Xoco in the next year? 


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