I had a nice Christmas. Good food, good drinks, great family. Having my cell phone break on me sucked, but I should be able to fix all that today. I also can do w/o this lowkey cold. My friend Akee got me Thierry Mugler Alien (l’art de se reveler) and it smells so lovely. It’s a new experience to my sensory, as I was expecting Mugler’s ‘Taste of Fragrance’ but seriously, L’art de se reveler is mysterious and clean. I just have to let it sit. Oh and the shimmer lotion (to add radiant glow) is killer!

Posted: December 26, 2011 • 1:01 PM
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  1. gelatinadeleche said: ooo i’ve worn alien for years! if you register on the website they have a fun little interactive page and i’ve even been sent samples by them, which i can’t say i’ve received any other time i registered something
  2. tokyoroseamour said: did I tell you that you look too good? BREAKING THEM NECKS!
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