nowadays i get that there are a lot of people with some sort of online profile. most people are trying to keep up to date with the internet wonder world and there be so much you can do on here. But just cause you have it don’t mean you got it. What’s so interesting about a page full of pictures? This is aint Facebook. Why are people so impressed with “hearting” excuse me, loving a damn anonymous quote? I refuse to settle, reblog, repost, re-anything for a supposed obscure/ classic / dope / pixel in space.

Instead, I get excited when I know what you think of that shit. Tell me why you like it. Explain everything.

But even through all this fluff I still come up on the good stuff. You know, blogs that are actually worthy. So I decided to share a few that I browse upon most frequently.
**This is in no particular order**

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Agent Lover

There’s giveaways, awesome interviews, detailed posts, and cute cake hats designed by Agent Lover that you can buy for yo self :)

—-look she even has bangs!!!

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The Boobs

Friends who know me, or my computer history, or my obsession history will say that The Boobs is my place of peace. I read it like a Sunday paper and treat it like hygiene. It’s just something you gotta keep up with. The Boobs has everything—- boys, nails, boobs, sometimes things about booty, sex, advice, awesome feature interviews, and a taste of LA.

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The Lipstick Diaries

Ummm hello!! Of course I had to include TLD not only because this is the go to spot for fashion and fun BUT because I also write for them. The ladies work so hard to keep all readers informed about what’s hot what’s not, there’s also plenty of giveaways, discount hook ups, great mixtapes that you can download for free and share with your friends, and all sorts of things you can do to interact with all of the TLD contributors.



I came across LURK DAT through The Boobs. It was violent yet feminine. Trashy yet addictive. Like drugs online? You can come here for random shit—-almost as if you were stopping in the store to pick up some tampons but instead you walk out with shaving creams, popcorn, and benadryl. There’s music on here, letters, goofy videos, and graffiti.

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The Paradime

This is only because idk what the hell happened to BB$ (brownbabie$) ANDDD i can keep my creep on Laura and Ash’s success through The Paradime/ Dimepiece. They were my high school heroes, I can’t just let them go because I’m in college! I don’t even know these women but I am truly happy at their success. I feel like I’ve watched them grow through the trusty internet. Damn I typed success twice. Now that’s three times.



Everything. Fashion, art, interviews, giveaways, health articles, M.I.S.S. T.V., awesome staff (I was an intern writer for M.I.S.S), plus music and mixtapes you can have to go.

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Lady Art Looks

Alana and Azelle are two incredibly encouraging women. I come here for all my how to’s, hair and make up trends, and make-up tutorials. It also makes me think of how small this world is when they have folks like Melody Ehsani, Keri Hilson, wait—-and Trey Songz Mama (Alana put in a good word for me lol) in their circle. All things are possible and you can book your own appointments with Lady Art on their site.

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