ohdearart inquired I love what you're doing and been following you for a while! - keep it up, I'm gonna email you soon x

word!!! i’m so very familiar with your illustrations through the issue of viper mag i bought this summer. happy 2 hear from you. it’s an honor. <3

my decision to put back up the gofundme page of theisisnicolemag took some major consideration as it still has yet to be completed and you know what, i still feel really good about this. for some reason, somehow, i have faith that it’ll come to fruition. 

at times the demand gets overwhelming because i often feel like i’m by myself and i don’t know who to turn to for help. or maybe it’s that i don’t know how to properly ask for help. either way i slice it, i can use some help. 

in my eyes, achieving this goal can create newfound opportunities for the artists involved, newfound perspective on independent editorials for our awesome readers, and newfound aplomb type feelings for me. 

i know that there are people waiting on their copies, and i want to be able to give it to them. i know that there are stores waiting on their copies to shelf, and i want to be able to provide them. 

maybe i’m making things harder on myself. maybe things are much more simple than i’m realizing. or maybe not. if there was a button that would tell me how to operate my position as an editor, i sure as heck would push it. but there isn’t one. my strategy as of late is to take each day as it comes, and make the most of it in the most practical way this here old sensitive daydreamer can do. 

so yeah, i say all of that to say, if it’s in your heart and you have some time to donate and share with other supporters who would be interested in helping/pledging too, don’t be a stranger to the gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/TheIsisNicoleMagazine

i truly appreciate it. 


theisisnicolemag ft. photography by gaia-d
issue #2
available here

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theisisnicolemag decals and crop top worn by Mae Sicard. Nails by Nana Nguyen.

V special!!

my nail decal collab with saramlyons still making its rounds <3
and mae is a total babe #IN that fit x


garymuller and I collaborated on this set of photos of Mae!




theisisnicolemag featuring photography by awesomebrain
issue #2
available here

i’m inspired. 
wouldn’t it be cute to have a meet & greet for the magazine?!
there’s a possibility.
everyone keeps telling me to keep pushing
so here’s me pushing. 

V special <3 @princesslovestar #in @theisisnicolemagcrop top printed by @studio5dprint she’s also featured #in the 2nd issue. Total #babe | photography@gaiadinehtah featured in @theisisnicolemag#thankyou #regram

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women who empower
fka twigs x dazed
gita x the isis nicole magazine
lili k x the isis nicole magazine

what a wonderful world

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